Zaita's witch

For a time, the witches began to molest a resident of Zaita, in the region of Azazeta. This is the story of the witch of Zaita.

the witch of Zaita

Zaita's witch

He felt it mainly when he left the village by a path where, inexplicably, an agitation dominated him and he was obliged to return to the house. Other times, apparently without anything happening, the shepherd would start to jump upside down causing great damage. To this were added other details although of lesser amplitude.

For several nights, he remained on the alert at home, tired of this situation. He soon saw a black cat in the house. The man, remaining attentive and, a tourniquet in his hand, dealt such a blow to the feline that he left him half dead. Then, taking it by the tail, he put it in a safe which he locked.

The next morning, when the man opened the trunk, he discovered with unspeakable fright inside it a middle-aged woman, completely naked. Feeling lost in the face of the threats of denunciation to the authorities, she promised not to hurt him again if he let her go. Touched by the feminine imploration, the man had no heart to punish her and left her free.

A time later, this same woman fell seriously ill and, fearing for her life, the village priest was called. But when he gave her communion, the woman could not swallow the consecrated host. On the contrary, when the bread was given to her without a blessing, she ate it without any problem. This made the neighbors suspect that the patient was a witch.

Already in agony, the woman asked that someone among those present hold out their hand. But no one did, warned in advance by the priest.

It was well known that when a witch comes to die, she transmits power in this way. That is why, in place of the hand, they gave him the handle of a broom.

When the witch died, they threw the broom into the bread oven. Everyone watched in amazement, how this object jumped while it burned, as if it had its own life, at times we even heard strange explosions.