Story of Cúchulainn and Emer's jealousy

This is the story of Emer's jealousy, the red branch of the mythology Irish.

jealousy of & #039; Emer

Emer's jealousy

The men of Ulster had gathered on the plain of Muirthemne, a few days before the Samhain, in order to measure themselves in the course of games. As Lugaid and Conall Cearnach had not yet arrived, Cuchulain insisted that we wait before starting the games. The warriors were therefore busy playing chess, when unknown, magnificent birds landed on the nearby pond. Moments later, the women of Ulster were already arguing over who would get the delicate creatures. Levarcham, the lame messenger, went to ask Cuchulain to capture the birds and distribute them among them. The champion had to beg a little, but ended up complying. He captured them without difficulty, and began to distribute them: one for each, then a second ... but arrived in front of the last young woman, he had no more second bird to give him. Eithne, the only one among all her companions to have only one bird, put on such a poor face that Cuchulain promised her the next two birds to land on the pond.
Soon after, two even more beautiful birds, linked together by a gold chain, arrived. They sang a soft melody with soporific effects on those who heard it. Cuchulain, remembering his promise, made an effort to stand up. Eithne stopped him: there was no doubt that his birds were delighted. It took more to stop the champion, who placed a stone in his slingshot and adjusted his shot. However, he missed the birds, just as on the second try: he had never felt so clumsy! Furious, he grabbed his spear and threw it down. One of the birds, hit in the wing, dragged the second into the lake. Cuchulain wanted to go get them, but he fell heavily and hit his head. Almost unconscious, he saw two young girls coming out of the lake. The first, in the green coat, smiled at him, before hitting him with her wand. The second, in red, did the same, and they took turns hitting him like that, without the other sleeping warriors noticing anything.
Conall finally arrived in Muirthemne, to find everyone there asleep. He had no difficulty waking them up, but finding that Cuchulain had been beaten, he preferred to let him sleep. He did not wake up until nightfall. Neglecting to answer questions, he ordered Laeg to take him back, not to Dundealgan where Emer was waiting, but to Emain, where he spoke to no one.

On the eve of the next Samhain, Cuchulain still had not come out of his silence and remained bedridden. Conchobar, Laegaire, Conall, Lugaid and the devoted Eithne were at his bedside, when a stranger entered the room.
" - Who are you ? Conall asked. What are you doing here ?
- I come to speak to the man who is in this bed. Upright and fit he is great protection for all of Ulster, but so sick and weak he is even better protection. If Cuchulain, son of Sualtim, accepts my friendship today, all he has seen in his dreams will be his. Lebanon, the one to the right of Labraid with the Swift Sword, told me that Cuchulain's coming would be a great source of joy for her sister Fand. The end of your weakness would be near, Cuchulain, if you met Aedh Abrat's two daughters. I am going to send Lebanon to Muirthemne, so that she can heal your ailment.
- Who are you ? Conall asked.
"My name is Aengus," he just said as he walked away. "

After discussion, the warriors decided that Cuchulain should return to Muirthemne. What he did. As he was sitting on the same stone where he had hit his head a year earlier, he saw the young woman appear in green.
"- What did you want from me last year? he asked her without courtesy.
- I didn't want to hurt you, she assured, but to ask for your love. I speak for Fand, daughter of Aedh Abrat, whom her husband, Manannan, the Son of the Sea, has left. I am Lebanon, wife of Libraid with the swift sword, and I have a message from him for you: he will give you what you ask, if you agree to help him, just one day, against his enemies.
"In my current state, I'm not good at helping anyone," Cuchulain sneered.
- You will soon be healed, and in possession of your full capacities.
- Where should I go?
- In Magh Mell, the Merry Plain.
- OK. But I wouldn't go until I saw my wife, Emer! "
He sent Laeg to tell Emer everything that had happened. She got into a great anger when she learned that her husband had been ill for a year, and that his companions had not moved heaven and earth to find a cure for him! She rushed to Emain, where the still weak Cuchulain had been escorted. As she cursed him vigorously, he felt his strength returning ...

Cuchulain then returned to Muirthemne, where he found Lebanon. He had also regained his mistrust, and considered the explanations of the young woman doubtful. So he demanded that Laeg go to Labraid first, in order to report the situation to him. Lebanon agreed to take the driver of the tank. She led him by magic to a fabulous country, full of colorful flowers and singing birds, lovely young girls, magnificent horses, gleaming dwellings… Laeg met Fand, Tear, the most beautiful woman he had. never seen, who greeted him warmly. King Lagaid, on the other hand, looked sad: a battle was brewing, and he feared the outcome.
When Laeg returned to Cuchulain, he gave her an enthusiastic picture of Fand and his country, urging him to help Lagaid. Cuchulain allowed himself to be convinced, and Liban brought him home. He was greeted by Fand and Lagaid. This one took him to see the army which was going to attack them, and it was strong and very well armed, composed of Formori. Cuchulain asked to be left alone for a moment to inspect it. Logaid therefore left him, and Cuchulain approached discreetly. He eventually identified the leader of the army, and as he moved away from his men to go to the river, the champion of the ulates targeted him with his spear. Eochaid Juil died instantly, and Cuchulain then attacked his army, with such a rage that Labraid came back and released him with his troops, and Laeg had to urgently explain what had to be done to calm him down, namely Immerse it successively in several tubs of cold water. However, the army had lost its organization at the same time as its leader, and Labraid took advantage of this to completely rout it.

Back at Labraid's palace, Cuchulain was warmly congratulated and feted. The beautiful Fand chose him as her lover, and he remained with her for a full month. As he had to return to his family in Ulster, they agreed to meet in Ireland. Emer, who was patiently awaiting the return of her husband, got wind of this story. She had always tolerated her husband's infidelities, because she knew that he sincerely loved her, and that his adventures were always fleeting and without consequences: he had to have time when he was far from her. … She understood all the time that this story was different, since the lovers planned to see each other again. She conceived a strong jealousy, and managed to learn the place of the appointment. She gathered about fifty maids, armed them, armed herself with a knife, and they set off, with the aim of making Fand a bad memory. Cuchulain had to come between them.
"Come on, you wouldn't attack me all the same… I who love you more than any man loves a woman."
- If you love me, why do you dishonor me in front of all the people of Ireland? Your pride is going to be the cause of a great quarrel, Cuchulain, because you cannot push me aside, even if you want to!
- Why could I not take advantage of the company of this woman for a while, as well born as of good manners? There is nothing a husband can ask of her that she cannot do without being asked. While you, you will never find a man as brave, good and agreeable as me ...
- It is certain that I cannot prevent you from following this woman, if that is what you wish. Alas, what is new is sweet, while what is known is bitter. We often think about what we don't have, disregarding what we already have. You once held me in high esteem, and it could be again, if you only liked me.
- But… I like you, and you will please me as long as I live, I swear… ”
Fand then intervened.
"- Let me go, I think it will be better ...
"Obviously, it's my turn," Emer sighed.
- No. Be sure it was me he would give up, in the end, it was I who risked being rejected from the start. "
In fact, Fand had a big heart, and she refused to be the cause of Cuchulain's separation from his wife, whom it was obvious that she loved him with all her heart. But she also loved the hero. She had already been abandoned once by the man she loved, and that had made her suffer a lot ...
"- I'm going to go away, despite the pain it causes me. I would rather stay here, under your laws, than return, almighty, to my father. But this man is yours, Emer. It is pity to give your love to a man who does not respond to it. It is better to be abandoned if we are not loved as we love. But it wouldn't be right, blonde Emer, to kill Fand in her misfortune. "

The news that Fand had to fight alone against the women of Ulster, and that Cuchulain had abandoned her, reached her former husband, Manannan. The latter came to her aid, and heard her tell Emer and Cuchulain the time when she was happy with him. Because only Fand had seen it coming, and she approached him after saying goodbye to the couple. She swore that she wanted to come back to him, and not follow Cuchulain. So he took her with him.

Cuchulain saw her go, and this caused him great annoyance. He stopped eating, drinking, and when he fell asleep it was only to have nightmares. Emer didn't know what to do to calm him down. She went to pose the problem to Conchobar, in his palace in Emain, and he summoned all the wise men, druids, scholars and scholars. Manannan also came with his wife. He waved his cloak between the two former lovers, so that they could never see each other again, and the druids brewed a potion of oblivion which they made Cuchulain and Emer drink. Everything then became as before between the two spouses.