The almond trees of the Algarve

Here is the love story told of the almond trees. One day in the south of portugal, in the algarve, a king fell in love with a girl from northern europe. This love was reciprocal and the king offered her to come and live in the Algarve, where the winters would be milder. The years passed and happiness seemed to remain...

The almond trees of Algarve

The almond trees of the Algarve

However, on the face of the princess one could sometimes guess an air of sadness. The King noticed this and tried to understand what upset her at times.

In fact, he was missing something. Indeed, the young woman came from a country Nordic and he missed the whiteness of the snow carpets in the long run.

The king then decided, for happiness to be perfect, to immediately plant thousands of almond trees throughout the Algarve. Thus, as soon as the almond trees were in bloom, his beauty could admire this magnificent and gigantic white expanse, formed by the flowers of the almond trees, reminding him of the snow of his native country.

That's what was done ! Everywhere, thousands of white flowers, from the month of January, covered the Algarve with a fabulous white carpet, which made the princess smile.

It is for this reason that the Algarve is today the kingdom of almond trees.