Hine Nui Te Po

In this legend Polynesian woman, the legendary hero Maui confronts the goddess of death, the fearsome Hine Nui Te Po.

Hine Nui Te Po

Hine Nui Te Po, the Goddess of Death

Hine Nui Te Po, was hideous, she was the goddess of death, the last of our misfortunes! It was especially his mouth that was horrible. She had black, hard, sharp, terrible teeth. When you see her, you quickly realize that it was time to collect her will.

One day, the brave Maui, who braked the course of the sun, was quite surprised to discover his mother with gray hair.
“When those gray hairs are all white, you can prepare my funeral well,” said his mother.
– How to prevent that? replied the child with a big heart.
– It's impossible: until now, no one has been able to defeat the great ancestor, Hine Nui Te Po. The one who has always had the last word.

Maui flexed his biceps and talked about a number of his wonderful feats. His papa, tormented by a few bad omens, wanted to hold him back, but to hell with the dreams! To keep him company, the valiant hero took care to take a few birds with him. They borrowed the milky voice. How long was the road leading to the celestial house!

When they arrived, the goddess was sleeping. Maui said he was going to slip inside the Goddess of Death.
“Be careful not to speak, or to laugh, before seeing me revealed by his mouth!

Among his friends was a certain bird who had precisely the brains of a bird. When our boy engulfed himself in his ancestor, everyone heard a clear and mocking laughter: that of the bird which let its heart speak. Hine Nui Te Po woke with a start and crushed the hero's head with a sharp blow: thus perished the brave Maui.

We haven't tried to kill death since...