Basque tales 18

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : Herensuge and Gaston de Belzunce, the shepherdess of Bidarrai, the man and the snake

Basque tales

Herensuge and Gaston de Belzunce

In 1407, a monstrous snake, coming from the Pyrenees, caused destruction on the banks of the Nive. All were fleeing the surroundings of Irubi (St Pierre d'Irube), where a cave served as a refuge for the hydra.

Gaston de Belsunce, a Navarrese barely nineteen years old, accompanied by a single squire, and having a spear as his only weapon, came to challenge the monster in his lair. When the huge serpent came out, the squire fled, only the intrepid Gaston remained.

He hurt the monster before it hugged him and the two tightly bound, went down the slope.
They fell into the Nive where they were found dead the next day.

The shepherdess of Bidarrai

A young shepherdess from Bidarrai was tending her flock of sheep on Mount Iuskai. One day she disappeared. Her relatives and neighbors searched for her in vain. They didn't know anything about her.

At night, in the vicinity of Iuskai, a voice could be heard repeatedly saying:
“Ago! ago! " 
(Wait! wait!)

People were amazed.
One night we saw a jet of light crossing space, it was like a star heading towards the Zelharburu massif, it entered one of the caves.
The following day, the people of the place came to explore the cavity and there, in the background, they saw the petrified shepherdess. It is designated nowadays by the name of Harpeko Saindua (the saint of the cave).

The man and the snake

At Ormazarreta in the mountain of Aralar a shepherd had gone to graze his sheep. He found the young of a grass snake which seemed to him to be a pretty animal and he took it away in a bag. He taught her to drink whey.
Thus, every day at the same time, the young snake came to drink the whey.

During the winter the shepherds come down to their houses. But the shepherd of Ormazarreta, when he came back in the spring, came with a whistle and the snake came back as before. Then the shepherd sold his sheep and no longer went up to Aralar.
However, once he went up to San Miguel de Aralar and passing through Ormazarreta he said to his friends:
"- I can get a monster out here."

They started arguing and he pulled out the whistle and whistled, then a huge grass snake appeared. The shepherd approached thinking that she would do nothing to him, but when the grass snake saw that there was no whey, she surrounded him from head to toe and smothered him.