Otger catalò

The legend tells that Otger Catalo or Golant for the Catalans would have been the only survivor of an attack by the Moors around 756. Seriously wounded, he was dragged to a cave by his dog who healed him (we find a dog with a collar of gold in the coat of arms of Otger Catalo). Once the forces recovered, he summoned nine Catalan knights to fight alongside him the Moors.

Otger catalo

Otger catalo

The legend intervenes here. Because, it is mentioned in the story that the nine knights who placed their swords in front of the altar of the Black Madonna and swore to clear the holy land and give it back to the Christians, that is to say the barons of Farma are lords; Cervelló, Erill, Ribelles, Montcada, Cervera, Pinós, Anglesola, Alemany and Mataplana and with Otger Catalò who lived at different times sometimes even with a lag of two centuries.

These knights number nine, and ten with Otger Catalo. This figure of nine will be found at the very heart of the construction of the Catalonia, divided into nine counties and then into nine religious communities.

These barons were the most daring in Catalan land, often depicted around a circle with Otger in the middle and swords brandished, swearing devotion to the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Montgrony.

On his death Otger would have given his sword which he also held from the rider Saint-Jordi to Guillem's grandfather who will be responsible for transmitting it to a knight capable of defending the country if it is threatened again by the Moors. . Having become a monk Saint-Guillem kept the sword and one day when the Moors attacked the country again, the bell of the hermitage of Saint-Guillem-de Combret rang so loudly all by itself that it was heard in all the Pyrenees.

Otger Catalò would have had a line whose living members would bear the surnames: Catalan (in Germany and in Spain), Catalò (in Spain and Portugal) and Cathala (in France).