Basque tales 12

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : The oven of Ahurhutze, The little shepherd and the virgin, Basa Jaun and welding

Basque tales

Ahurhutze's oven

There used to be Spain, a village called D'Ahurhutze. On a certain Saturday, a woman was doing the batch there. An old beggar presented herself at the door, asking for alms of a baked pancake. The woman therefore put a little dough in the oven and suddenly this dough became a beautiful bread. But she found the bread too large for a charity.

She put a smaller amount of dough in the oven, but the patty became such a large loaf of bread that she could hardly pull it out. So she takes a tiny, tiny bit of dough at the tip of her finger, and it gets so big that the whole oven was filled with it and the woman couldn't get it out. So the old beggar said:

- "I am the holy virgin. Saturday is my day and because you found that your alms were too much for a poor woman, henceforth no more wheat will be harvested in your village ”.
That said, the holy virgin disappeared. Since that time, when women put bread in the oven, they say:
- "The good god bless him like the bread of Ahurhutze.

The little shepherd and the virgin

One day, the virgin appeared to a young shepherd from a house in Amezketa called Loidi, on the rock at the Igaratza passage, near the path leading down to the village.

She asked him to bring three planks and seven tiles from the village, telling him that this load would not tire him.
The child went down to his house and reported the incident to his parents, who mocked him and did not allow him to take what he asked for.

The virgin appeared to him a second and then a third time, always asking him the same thing. But the child's parents were still in disbelief and prevented him from fulfilling his wishes.

The virgin then moved to Arantzazu; she says that in Loidi there will never be missing some paralytic or one-armed person.

It is said that this curse never ceased to be exercised. The virgin left a mark on the rock, a footprint that can still be seen. With the water that accumulates there when it rains, many shepherds who frequent the places cross themselves, and go so far as to deposit coins in order to attract some favor from heaven.

If the pilgrim who goes to Saint Michael of Aralar passes in the vicinity, he must collect all the parts and give them to the monastery of the Archangel or in any other church or hermitage, as a donation to the collection during a celebrated mass. for the rest of the souls of the ancestors. If he does not do this he runs the risk of a heavenly retribution.

Basa Jaun and welding

San Martinico wanted to know how Basa Jaun welded two pieces of iron. For this he sent his servant to tell all over the country of Kortezubi that he had discovered the means of soldering iron.

So the Basa Jaun asked the town crier:
"Could it be that San Martinico is sprinkling clay water on the pieces of iron?" "
"No he didn't, but now he will!" He replied.

Thus, by using clay suspended in water as a flux, San Martinico succeeded in soldering the iron.

This technique subsequently spread to all the villages.