Basque Tales 9

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : Basa Jaun and the lime kiln, The young girl of Irabi, The bread of the laminak

Basque tales

Basa Jaun and the lime kiln

At a place called Kobatxoitturri (Ataun), the people of the Artzate house were loading the kiln with lime fuel, with the help of the neighbours. The oven is already filled with stones.
One night, while they were hard at work, they heard a neigh coming from the heights of Iruzuloeta (Sierra d'Olatzaitz).

One of the workers replied:
“Instead of shouting you better come down and help us”.

Then the Jentil of Iruzuloeta threw a huge boulder that fell right on the oven and crushed it.
The rock is still there and the oven unusable.

Irabi's young daughter

One day, in Amezketa, a young girl from the Irabi house went up to Aralar to look for one of her cows which was grazing in these mountains.
She then saw a red cow. Believing it to be hers she walked over to her and grabbed her by the tail. The cow began to run hastily, dragging the young girl with her to Marizuelo's lair.

Because this cow was Mari, the genius of the place.

The parents searched in vain for their daughter for a long time.
Much later, we saw her inside Marizuelo, next to her stood a red dog watching over the tranquility of this gloomy dwelling.

Lamiñak bread

Once a week, the lady from Aguerria went to make lamiñak bread at the rock of the fairy. The lamiñak had given her a wand so she could pass the water without getting wet. He was forbidden to take anything from their house. One day, however, she thought of taking some dough to find out what the bread tasted like. Arrived at the edge of the water, she knocked with her wand as usual; but the waters did not part.

The queen of the lamiñak came to her and accused her of having stolen something from her house, which the lady of Aguerria could not help admitting. The lamiña then said to him:
“You will no longer come to our house. We intended to give you, as a reward for your services, a trunk full of gold, but you will not get it”.

Since that day, the trunk full of gold is exposed in the middle of the rock, at the top of a staircase, beyond the bridge of hell.