Basque Tales 24

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : Andrettho's lamina, Saint Peter's horse, the gypsies' five sous

Basque tales

Andrettho's lamiña

The people of Esquiule saw from time to time two lamiñak come out of the Andrettho fountain, sit on the bank and bask in the sun. We watched for them and took one. While the peasants were taking him home, the other shouted to him:

-“Ques boile quat digaen, yes or no. (whatever anyone tells you, never reveal the virtue of alder).

The people of Esquiule did not fail to ask the lamiña questions; she answered nothing, and never revealed the virtue of alder. However, as they wanted to know her age, and were asked what her oldest memories were, she finally replied:
– “I saw the mountain where Oloron stands covered with brushwood, and a marsh full of rushes on the place where Sainte Marie is built.”

Nothing more was known about it, and no one, except the Jews, it is said, knows the virtue of alder.

St. Pierre's horse

One day, the Lord Jesus said to Saint Peter:
– “I will give you a horse, if, from start to finish, you recite the Our Father to me, without dispersing your thoughts”.
- Well ! It’s a very easy thing that you’re ordering me to do….”

And precipitately, Saint Peter begins:
– » our father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name… But, lord, will the horse be with or without a saddle? »
And Jesus:
– “Now you will have neither saddle nor horse. »

The five pennies of the gypsies

When the king of the Jews learned that Jesus had been born, he ordered his soldiers to put to death all the children in his kingdom under the age of two. The virgin mother and Joseph soon learned of this order and prepared to leave the country. But they had to go through a town and they didn't know how to hide the child from the soldiers. A gypsy woman was following the same route.

She saw their embarrassment and said to them:
– “Put the little one in my bisac, I will pass him under the soldiers’ beards.”

The holy virgin thanked the gypsy and arranged, as best she could, the child in the bissac. The soldiers guarding the door let her pass without saying anything to her or to Joseph, but they arrested the gypsy.
– “What are you hiding in your bissack, old naughty girl!” »
– “A child, my friends, the most beautiful in the world.”
– “If you were carrying a child, you wouldn’t say it.”

The soldiers were lined up on each side of the door and the child Jesus passed through their midst, in the gypsy's bag. To reward the gypsies for hiding the child Jesus from the king's soldiers, the good Lord allowed them to steal five sous a day. If they take more, which they do as often as they can, they are only responsible for the surplus, according to the permission of the good Lord.