The diamond-embellished shirt

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The diamond-embellished shirt

The diamond-embellished shirt

Once upon a time, near the town of Manazgerd, in a village called Agner, a woman who lived with her only son. This woman was very miserable. As soon as the child was old enough to keep the cows, she had him hired by the owner of the herd.

One day of bad luck, the child lost a calf. The master gives him a good spanking and says:

 »Find this calf, otherwise I'll kill you! " 

The child searches all around, he does not find the calf. He kneels down and prays:

 Ah! Luminous knight, Saint Sarkis, come to my aid! " 

No sooner has he said these words, blessed be his power, here is Saint Sarkis arriving, he takes the boy, he puts him on his horse, he takes him to Egypt, he recommends him to say his prayer every day. evenings before falling asleep.

The years go by… One evening, the young man forgets the recommendation, he forgets to say his prayer, he falls asleep.

In the morning, opening his eyes, he sees that he is in his old house, lying on the straw. But he had brought with him a shirt decorated with diamonds. Mother and son hide the shirt for fear that the owner will take it instead of the calf.

As for us, go to Egypt.

Nine months and nine days later, at the appointed minute, the daughter of the King of Egypt goes to bed and gives birth to a beautiful baby. Now, this child was crying day and night, he was screaming, no matter what, there was no way to silence him.

The king's advisers meet, they advise the princess to take a bag of gold with her, to ride a horse, to go from country to country, to see the towns, to build bridges ... Maybe God will he take pity on her and silence the child.

The king's daughter sets out, she goes to Damascus, Aleppo, Diarbékir, Sassoon-khut, she goes down to the valley of Mouch, she finally arrives in the village of Ager near Manazgerd. She decides to build a large bridge over the Mourad river. All those who did not have a job are hired, all those who were hungry are satisfied.

The miserable woman's son also shows up for employment. He goes to work, he receives his salary. In the evening, he comes home.

The princess and the young man do not recognize each other, Saint Sarkis had obscured their sight and their mind, because his recommendation had not been followed.

The king's daughter, who had given people work, had an ulterior motive. She ordered all the workers, young and old, to enter her room one by one, rock the child, and return home.

The poor woman's son comes in turn to rock the child. No sooner has he touched the cradle than the child, hush, is immediately silent. The young man is taken to the king's daughter.

 " Who are you ? Asks the princess.

 »I am the cowherd of this village. I had no job, thanks to you I earn my living. " 

 "Well, tomorrow you will come to rock my child" said the king's daughter.

 "At your command" said the young man.

No sooner has he left than the child starts crying and screaming again, so loudly that everyone covers their ears. No matter what, he keeps screaming.

The king's daughter said: “Quick, go get the cowherd! " 

We bring the cowherd back. He has barely touched the cradle when the child is silent.

The princess gives him a handful of gold and begs him to stay near the cradle. The child will stop crying and his ears will have peace.

The young man said: "Your orders are sacred to me, but I cannot stay" 

 " Why ? Said the king's daughter.

 "My mother has become old, she is alone, she cannot do without me" 

  • Okay, go ahead! said the king's daughter.

He hardly sets foot outside when the child fills the world with his cries. The king's daughter is upset, she sits down and begins to cry, she curses her fate, she does not know what to do.

She calls for the young man again. He is coming ; the child stops screaming. While the young man cradles him, the king's daughter embraces him, she says sweet words to him. The child is calm, he smiles.

One evening, the young man said to his mother:

 Mother, I don't understand this miracle, when the others rock it, the child cries out without stopping; when I rock him, hush, he is silent. Why ? " 

 "God only knows, a human being cannot understand it" said the mother.

 "Mother, the king's daughter was very kind to me, I am indebted to her, what could we offer her? " 

The mother replies:

 "My child, come, give her the shirt decorated with diamonds, let her wear it, we will have done a good deed and, moreover, we will be delivered from the fear of the master".

 "Good idea, the master could come one day, find it and take it away" said the son.

The mother takes out the shirt, folds it and folds it up, wraps it in a pretty cloth, gives it to her son, sends it to the king's daughter.

As he enters the room, the child stops screaming, the young man unwraps the shirt, he offers it to the princess.

Suddenly, the mystery is cleared up. By the power of Saint Sarkis, both recognize each other! They take the child, they go to the mother, they take her with them to Egypt.

The young man becomes king, the princess becomes queen.

Luminous knight Saint Sarkis, blessed be your power, may it extend to the one who tells this story and to those who listen to it!