Elkorri's empty house

Once upon a time in Navarre in Elkorri there was a mischievous and uninformed young man. He said there was no lost soul or ghost.
He was not well advised but his compatriots were not much better because they expelled him from the village with stones.

The empty house Elkorri

Elkorri's empty house

Chased from all the villages, he finally arrived at Elkorri, a place lost between the port of Lizarrosti and Etxarri-Aranaz. There was an empty house there. Nobody dared to enter there because according to what one said, there was a soul in pain who wandered in there.

The young man entered without fear. He wanted to live here, in this house. When he began to prepare the meal in the hearth, he heard a voice coming from above, where the smoke was billowing:
“I will fall or I will not fall? »
"If you want yes, if you don't want it, no".

A human head fell into the ashes of the hearth. Then the young man put it on the end of his spit and threw it into a corner of the kitchen.
Again he heard the same voice. He answered the same way. Immediately another piece of the body fell from the chimney, and the boy pulled it out, always in the same way.

Again the dialogue repeated itself until all the members of the body finally fell. All quickly assembled and modeled a man who said aloud to the boy:

“You say I am not; but yes I am”.
“Yes, so you are,” replied the new host. But keep seven furlongs apart, and ahead”.
“Take that hoe,” the ghost told him.
"Take it if you want" replied the young man.

And the ghost took the hoe. Followed by the young man, he went to another room in the house where he said to his companion:
“Dig here with this hoe”
"Dig if you wish" replied the other.

The ghost cleared a hole in the ground and discovered a pile of gold. He says to the youth:
“This gold is for you: I name you owner. Without a "name" it could have no value. Thanks to you, I will now be able to enjoy eternal rest » saying this, the specter disappeared.

So the young man returned to his village, where this time he was well received.