The scratched baby

Here is the story of the scratched baby.

scratched baby

the scratched baby

A couple from Otaza, in the village of Foronda, had a very young baby. One morning they saw, dismayed, that the newborn had all scratches on his face, and that the door to his room was ajar. The parents tried to cure him as best they could and as the wounds did not appear to be malignant, the following night they laid him back in his bed while they fell asleep quietly in their room.

Nothing happened that night but a few days later the baby was scratched again and the bedroom door still ajar.

Precisely the night after those second scratches, the couple had to stay awake more than usual due to the work to be done. Suddenly, at dawn, the baby's crying broke the silence of the house. The parents ran to the bedroom and could find that a large black cat was pounding the infant's face with its tail. It was he who, in this way, caused these scratches. The couple, surprised by this situation and the threats of the feline, did not lose their cool, managed to catch the cat, put it in a bag and tie it securely.

After treating the baby's scratches, the parents went to bed. Remembering the cat, the father wanted to finish him off. He went to where he had put the bag and… another surprise. There was nothing in the bag except a naked woman, a neighbor, with a large braid that the man recognized as the tail hitting the baby's face.

The witch, no doubt she was not, begged forgiveness, weeping bitterly and solemnly promising not to hurt anyone in this family any more, the father was moved and let her free.

It is said that the witch kept her word faithfully.