Like many in the world, there was a mother and her son. This boy was as strong as fourteen men put together, but he also had to eat like fourteen. They were poor and because of that he didn't always have enough to eat. He once told his mother that it was better for him to try to go somewhere, to see if he could get away with it, that he couldn't take this situation any longer and than to see how it cost his mother to feed him pained him.



His mother consented, with difficulty, to let him go. So he went far, far, very far and came to a big house. He asked if they needed a servant and they told him that they would ask the master. The master came in person and said to him, “I usually employ experienced workers, but I am willing to take you anyway. »

The boy replied, “I must warn you that I eat like fourteen men, but I work in proportion. »
He asked him: "What do you know how to do?" »
He said to him: "I know how to do a bit of everything." »

The next day the master took him to a field and said to him:
“You have to mow all this meadow. He tells her yes.

The master left. At eight o'clock the maid arrived with breakfast. She had a basket full of groceries; there were six loaves, half a ham and six bottles of wine. Our boy was delighted. The servant was surprised to see that the whole meadow was mown and she went to tell the master. He was equally happy to see that he had such a valuable servant. He asked her to go mow another meadow.

Before noon everything was on the ground. The maid arrived with lunch and was amazed to see all the work he had done. She had brought him seven loaves, seven bottles of wine and even more ham, but he swallowed it all. The master gave him yet another field of grass to mow. He easily acquitted himself of his task before nightfall. Our master was very pleased with him and fed him well. The maid was also very happy.

As long as there was work, the master said nothing, but then, when he saw that the whole harvest had only been used to feed the servant, he no longer knew how to get rid of him. He sent him to a forest where he knew there were terrible animals and told him to bring back some wood. As soon as he got there, a bear attacked him. He took it by the nostrils, threw it to the ground and twisted its neck. He began to uproot all the young trees and again he was attacked by a wolf, he took him like a bear, by the nostrils, threw him to the ground and twisted his neck.

He arrived at the house in the evening and the master was astonished to see him return. He gave her a good dinner, but he was not happy, because he had pulled up all the saplings. At night the master turned over in his head what he could well do with his servant and he decided to send him to an even more terrible forest, in the hope that some animal would devour him.

Our young man went away again. He was tearing down many tall trees, when a lion attacked him. He killed him with one blow. Then another animal came to him just as dangerous and he finished it just as quickly. In the evening, when he arrived home, he said to himself:
“Why does my master send me to the forest? Maybe he's tired of me. »

And he resolved to tell her that he would leave the house. When he arrived his master received him well, but did not understand how he could have come back alive. He offered him a good dinner and our boy said to him:
“It is better that I go away. There is no more work for me here. »

You can imagine how pleased the master was. He immediately gave him his wages and the boy left. He went far, far, far away, but soon his money ran out and he wondered what would become of him.

He saw two men standing by a river. He walked over to them and the men asked him if he would take them across to the other side. He answered yes, and took them both on his back, these men were Our Lord and Saint Peter. When they were in the middle of the river, Our Lord said to them:
“I must be heavy.
-I'll throw you in the water if you don't shut up, I already have enough to do. »

When they got to the other side, the Lord said to him:
“What should I give you as a reward?
“Whatever you want, just give it quickly, because I'm starving. »
He gave her a bag and said to her, “Anything you want will go into this bag. »

And he went away. He arrived in a town and passing a bakery he breathed in a delicious smell of hot bread and he said to them: “Enter my bag! and they found themselves in his bag. He went to a corner of the forest and there he lived on what his bag had given him. He walked back into town and passed a deli. There were blood sausages, sausages, hams and lots of good things.

He said, "Get in my bag!" and as soon as he said that, the bag was full. He went to empty it again as he had done with the loaves and he returned to town. In front of an inn he says: “Enter my bag. There were bottles of good wine and liqueurs there, and to all these good things he said: "Come into my bag!" and his bag was filled with it.

He went to a corner of the forest, he had provisions there for a few days, and when he had had his fill, he went out for a walk. One day he saw young girls crying and he asked them: "What is the matter with you?" They replied that their father was very ill. He asked if he could see him. They told him yes.

He then went there and the poor man told him that he had given his soul to the devil and that he was waiting for him that day and that he was trembling in advance. Our Fourteen asked if he could sit on the corner of the bed, to see the devil. He tells her yes. He then hid with his bag. A moment later the devil arrived and our young man said to him:
“Get in my bag! »

And as soon as he said that, the devil got in there. Judge the joy of our man! Our boy went out to find some stone breakers and said to them:
“Hit hard! the devil is in that bag. »

They got down to work and beat him up and the devil cried out:
" AIE Aie Aie ! let me go out ! let me go out ! AIE Aie Aie ! »

The boy said, “I accept if you bring me a paper signed by all the devils in hell, that you have no rights over this man. The devil agreed and the boy let him go. A moment later the devil was back with the paper. The boy had it re-entered into the sack and beaten by the stone breakers, while he carried the precious paper to the old man. Think how happy they were in that house!

Our man went away. He walked for a long, long time. He felt tired of this world. He said to himself, "I would like to go to heaven." He went on his way, a long, long time, but he arrived in hell; but as soon as the devils saw that it was Fourteen they closed all the doors. He went away again, far, very far and reached heaven.

There the doors closed before him. What did Fourteen do? He slipped his bag through the keyhole and said to himself:
“Get in the bag! »

As soon as he said that he found himself inside the bag and he is still there, behind the door and when you go to heaven, look closely and you will see him there.