Kimuko's witch

One day, at dusk, a man from the Kimuko farm in the village of Aitola, a district of Azkoitia was coming home from work, when he met a woman on his way, motionless, looking at him pleading. As she was neither old nor young, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither thin nor fat, he concluded that she was completely unknown in the area.

Kimuko's witch

Kimuko's witch

Our man stopped in front of her and rubbed his bald spot under his beret, looking at her dazed.
- I need your help ! she said bluntly. I was surprised by the second blow of the angelus outside my house and I cannot return there.

The man jumped away from the stranger, now watching her with obvious fear. He realized he was dealing with a witch and had heard that they moved freely around the world between the midday angelus stroke and the evening angelus stroke. Moreover, if they were surprised before the first blow of the evening, not only were they unable to return home but they lost all of their powers.
- Help me ! do not be afraid ! insisted the stranger. If you help me, I will be generous with you !.

The farmer having walked away in fear and saying nothing, the poor witch began to cry thoughtlessly. So much so that it ends up softening him.
- That is ! I'll help you… answered the man, but tell me what to do.

Relieved, the witch asked her:
- Load me on your shoulders and you will leave me where I tell you!

Although not very reassured, the man loaded this woman on his shoulders and led her to the place as planned but to his surprise, happened to be very close to his farm. When he left her at the edge of the cave entrance, she said:
- To thank you, tomorrow morning you will find a new linen shirt under your pillow!

On his way home, our man told his family everything and heard all kinds of mockery. He had to put up with everything, you drank more wine than usual! and other jokes still believing to go mad. But they quickly ceased, the next morning when, indeed, our man took out from under the pillow a new linen shirt, clean and perfectly ironed. They understood from then on that the man had not lied and that this mysterious witch had kept his promise.