The beautiful and lazy girl

There was once a mother who had a beautiful daughter. The mother was still doing a lot of work, but the daughter didn't want to do anything. She beat her so hard that she was going to sit on a flat stone to cry. One day the young gentleman from the castle was passing by. He asked her;
"What makes such a beautiful girl cry like that?"

The beautiful and lazy girl

The beautiful and lazy girl

The woman replied:
“She is too beautiful to work. »

The young gentleman asked if she knew how to sew.

She replied, “Yes, if she wanted she could make seven shirts in one day. »

The young gentleman was very much in love with the beautiful girl. He went home and brought back a piece of canvas and said to him:
“Here is enough to make seven shirts and if you finish them before such a date we will marry together.”

She remained pensive without doing anything, tears in her eyes.
Then an old woman came to her, she was a witch and she said to her:
"What do you have to be so sad?" »

She answered: “Such a gentleman brought me seven shirts to sew, but I don't know how to make them. I stay here, thinking. »

The old woman said to him:
“Do you know how to sew?
-I know how to thread the thread into the needle, (that's all). »

The woman said to him:
“I will make your shirts for the said date, if you remember my name in a year and a day. And she added: "If you don't remember, I will do with you what I want." Maria Kirikitoun, no one will remember my name. »

And she accepted. She made him the seven shirts in the allotted time. When the young man arrived, the shirts were done; it was with joy that he took the young girl and they were married.

But the beautiful young girl grew sadder and sadder; although her husband threw big parties for her, she never laughed. One day they had huge parties. At that moment an old woman came to the door and she asked the servant:
“Why do you give such big parties? »

She answered: “Our lady never laughs and Monsieur gives these big parties to cheer her up. »

The old woman replied:
“If she had seen what I heard today she would certainly be laughing. »
The maid said to her: "Stay there, I'll tell her right away." »

The old woman was brought in and she told them that she had seen an old woman jump from one side of a ditch to the other, saying incessantly:
“Hupa! whoop! Maria Kirikitoun, no one will remember my name. »

When the young lady heard this, she was immediately rejoiced and wrote down this name immediately. She rewarded the old woman well and she was very happy and when the other old woman came she knew her name.