Basque tales 5

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : The Urdian Dragon, Mikelats and Atarrabi, Barantol and the Fair Lady.

Basque tales

The dragon of Urdian

In the vicinity of Urdian, the Dragon came out of its lair and ate a young girl every day. The best girl in the village. There was an old woman, a bit of a witch; she said to the young girl:
"- Take a small egg and hit the Dragon's head five times with this egg".

Then the witch gave him the egg.
The girl was combing her hair at the entrance to the Dragon's lair when a young man appeared and said to her:
" - What are you doing here ? I have to fight against… ”

The Dragon came out and they began to fight. The young man said:
"- Ah! If only I received a kiss from a young girl and three pints of wine, I would dominate this monster… ”

In the meantime, the young girl hits the Dragon's head five times with her little egg. On the fifth hit the monster falls dead.

Mikelats and Atarrabi

Mikelats and Atarrabi were educated in the Devil's School, a cave.
At the end of their schooling, one of the schoolchildren was to remain in the service of the devil forever. They drew lots and it was Mikelats that fell the fate of remaining, however Atarrabi took pity on his brother, in fact the latter was tormented, he remained there, in his corner, as if he was already the slave. of the devil. So he took his place.

The devil forced Atarrabi to sift the flour he had in his well-stocked reserves: it was endless work because bran, like flour, passed through the mesh. The devil, who surely did not have excessive confidence in his disciple, continually asked him:
"- Where are you Atarrabi? " 

And Atarrabi had to answer:
" - I am here " 

Atarrabi learned through a sieve to answer himself:
"- I am here", every time the devil asked his question.

One day, the devil was far away in a corner of his den. Atarrabi began to walk out of this place backwards, as the sieve responded to the classic "I am here". No sooner had he stepped outside than the devil saw him. He took a leap, but too late: Atarrabi was already outside, beyond the reach of his master's jurisdiction.

Only her shadow still stretched out in the cave, it was her that the devil captured. Atarrabi therefore lived without a shadow. " 

Barantol and the beautiful Lady

One day, Barantol was herding his cows in the mountain of Jora. The rain forced him to seek refuge in a hole under a large rock. As he entered, he saw a beautiful lady embroidering.

- " Who are you ? Barantol asked.
"I am," said the lady, "an enchanted princess. I must stay here for a hundred years. Do not tell anyone, because otherwise I will be condemned forever ”.

Barantol promised well, but did not keep his word. The lady knew about it and when the pastor returned to her cave, she said to him:
- "Ah! Barantol! Barantol! Your hoof will always remain unbridled ”.
And with that she disappeared. Never since has Barantol managed to firmly nail a bridle to his hoof.