Jesus Christ and the old soldier

Once Jesus Christ was going with his disciples to Jerusalem, he met an old man and asked him for alms. The old man said to him:
“I'm an old soldier and I was fired from the army with only two cents because I was no longer good for anything. I have already given a penny along the way, I only have one left and I will give it to you. "

Jesus and the old soldier

Jesus and the old soldier

Then Jesus said to her, "What would you like, a bag of gold or heaven?" "
Saint Peter nudged the old man on the ribs: “Say heaven. "
" What ! heaven ! Said the old soldier. “After that too, we will have paradise. I prefer a bag of gold. "

And Jesus gave him the bag of gold, and he gave it to him saying;
"When this bag is empty, you just have to say: Artchila murîchila! get into my bag! and whatever you want will go into the bag. "

Our man took the bag and started walking. After walking a little bit of the road, he walked past the door of an inn and saw a beautiful leg of mutton on the table. He was hungry, and, opening his bag, he said:
"Arîchila murtchila!" delicious leg of mutton, fit in my bag! And instantly he was inside and so he had everything he wanted.

One day the devil came to tempt this old man, but as soon as he heard it, he opened his bag and said:
"Artchila murtchila!" get into my bag! "

And the devil himself entered the sack. He carried the bag, with the devil in it, to a blacksmith, who hit it very hard and for a long time with his hammer.

When the old soldier died he went to Heaven. When he got there Saint Peter appeared to him and said to him:
" What are you doing there ? And what do you want?
What ! Heaven ! Didn't you prefer to have a bag
gold when God gave you the choice? Out of here. Go to hell. The doors are there. "

Our old man, full of sadness, went to the door of hell and knocked, but as soon as the door was opened the devil recognized his soldier and began to cry:
"Don't let him in!" Don't let him in! He will cause us too much trouble and too much misery. He is really mean ! "

And he did not want to receive it, so he returned to paradise and God ordered Saint Peter to let in the man who had been such an enemy to the devil.