The Bear's Son

A young woman was going from Mendive to Otchagavia in Spain. As she was crossing the Irati forest, she encountered a bear. She was scared and closed her eyes. So the bear threw her on his back and carried her to his cave.

bear's son

The Bear's Son

A year later the young woman had a child; she then remained eight years without leaving the cave. Every morning the bear came out and closed the entrance with a piece of rock. And after he left, the little one tried his strength on the rock and tried to knock it down. He said to his mother:
"Little by little, I will raise this"

One fine day he overcame it and escaped with his mother.
A cowherd picked them up and fed the boy milk from one of his cows, all to himself. The boy suckled at the same. And it soon became so strong that the cowherd and the people in the neighborhood feared that something bad would happen to them. They agreed, to destroy him, with the shepherds of a cayolar whose dogs were renowned for their ferocity.

One day when the fire was out in the house, the herdsman sent the boy to ask for lighted coals from the cayolar. The shepherds set the dogs against him. The boy picked up a branch of fagot from the ground and fought it so well that the dogs fled one after the other, crippled and howling. The shepherds, fearing his anger, escaped from the cayolar and the boy took the fire at his ease.

The cowherd had counted that the dogs would have torn him. He therefore remained stupefied at the sight of her and felt his fear redouble. Again he made a plot with his neighbors to destroy him, although the child had hitherto been a faithful servant.

One night when the wolves were prowling around the border where the calves were locked up, the cowherd said slyly to the child:
“– I hear a noise from the side of the border; no doubt the calves have escaped; will bring them together and bring them back” 

The child ran into it, uprooted a twelve-year-old beech tree as it passed, and, striking right and left, brought the wolves into the border. He closed the door firmly and returned to his master.
The master said to him:
"Did you bring in the calves?
" - Yes ! they are quietly with others.”

The master, deceived by his own artifice, lost no time in going to see what was going on in the boarding.
As for the boy, he also went out and went off to no one knows where.