La lamiña in a layer

Here is the story of the layered lamina. The story is made up of four parts in oral tradition.

lamina in layer

Lamina in diaper, part 1

In Lacarry the Laminaks used to come to the Bustanogia house, but one night, one of these Lamiñak came to find the hostess because one of them was giving birth and she was having some difficulties. , she needed help.
The woman replied that she agreed to help them on condition that she warned her husband. This one said to the Lamina:
"I don't mind my wife going to help you, but bring her back to me exactly here." " 

La Lamina lifted the woman onto her shoulders and carried her into a deep abyss. Bustanogia's mistress helped Lamiña to give birth. Then the Lamiñak offered her supper but they asked him not to take anything home. However, before the whiteness of the Lamiñak bread, the woman did not resist. She hid a piece of it in her blouse to show it off at home.

At the end of the meal, the Lamiñak asked her what she wanted in thanks: a jar of honey or a jar of butter?

The woman replied that she preferred butter because it would render better service than honey. The Lamiñak insisted that she take the honey because it was much better. But the woman said she still preferred the butter. Then the Lamiñak said to him:
"- You will find your reward, tomorrow, in your cupboard! " 

La Lamiña wanted to take the woman back on her shoulders but she could not lift her.
"- You took something from here! " 
"- No, I did not take anything" replied the woman.
" - Oh yes ! " 

Then the woman showed him the piece of bread.
"You have to leave it here, otherwise I can't take you home." " 

The woman left the piece of white bread and climbed up onto La Lamiña's shoulders. She returned home. The next day she found the pot of
butter full of money. If she had chosen the honey pot she would have found it filled with gold.


Next to the Sorçaburu house in Gotein, a stream flows, the source of which is not far away. Next to the source, in a cave, lived the Lamiñak.

One day, a Lamiña was seized with pain. The lady of Sorçaburu, who was a midwife, was called to deliver her. Thanks to her, the child arrived happily. The next day, the midwife returned to swaddle the child, and when her work was finished, a Lamiña offered her in payment the choice between two fire pots, one covered with gold, the other with honey. The lady of Sorçaburu chooses the pot with the gold lid. Then the Lamiña said to him:

"- Ah! you did not meet well. The pot with the golden lid is filled with honey, the pot with the honey lid is full of gold. "


My mother's grandmother was a midwife in Ahaxe. One night, at a late hour, a Lamiña came to fetch her to give birth to his wife. My grandmother was very afraid, and consulted her husband, quite embarrassed himself.

The Lamiña reassured her, and, putting her on her back, carried her, without knowing how, to the bank of the Eddy. He let her pass the stream without getting wet, and made her enter a room which was the most dangling she had seen, and made of hewn stones.

My grandmother did her office and put the child in its cradle after having swaddled it.

They made her eat and drink well, and gave her a large sum in payment. But he was forbidden to take anything from the house except what was given to him. However, as she had never seen such beautiful bread and wanted to show it at home, she put small pieces in her pocket.

When the grand-grandmother arrived at the water's edge with the Lamiña, the latter told her that he could not make her cross because she had stolen something, She confessed that she had, in fact, put in her pocket a small piece of bread to show at home what she had eaten.

The Lamiña made him throw it into the water, after which he carried it beyond, as before, without getting his feet wet, to the farmyard. Once on the ground, my grand-grandfather turned her head, and the Lamiña, with a stab, cut off one eye to punish her for having stolen it in spite of her defense.


One evening of Saint John, a beautiful girl arrived at the house of the mistress of the house GORRITEPE just as the sun was about to rise:

- "Hello, Marguerite, you must come under the forest; there is a woman there in need of a child, and you must help her ”.
- "And who are you? I do not know you ".
- "You will know who I am; but, please, come at once ”.
- "I cannot leave the house now; I must prepare the reapers' lunch.
- "Follow me, please; you will surely be very happy; you will have your fortune made if you help us bring this child into the world. "

She agrees, and both arrive under the wood. The girl gives Marguerite a wand and says to her:
- "Hit the earth! She did so in confidence, and at the same time a beautiful portal opened before her. After entering it, she found herself in a beautiful castle, the inside and the outside of which shone like the sun:
- "Do not be afraid, Marguerite; here we are. "

They enter a large bedroom which was the most beautiful of all. There, there was a lamiña in need of a child and on the verge of giving birth; all around the room were filled with little beings, all seated and none of whom ever moved. Marguerite did her office and was then pampered as much as possible. He was given in particular a certain bread which was white as snow. As it was getting late, Marguerite wanted to retire to the house. The same young girl accompanied him to the gate; but they could never open the door:

- "You, you will have taken something here! »Said his companion.
- " Me ! nothing, if not this little piece of bread, to show those back home how beautiful it is! "
- "But you have to leave it here. "
She leaves him, and instantly the door opens.
- "Here is your payment, Marguerite; here is a golden pear. Never tell anyone, and hide it well in your closet. Every morning you will find a pile of gold next to it. "

She did so, and the next morning she went to look and found the pile of gold, and also the following days, for a long time, so that although this house was loaded with debts, they paid everything and bought great goods. The husband became jealous of it, and Marguerite, out of love for the peace of her household, told her her secret. During the following night, the pear disappeared, and there was no trace of it. There are still today in this place a few holes called the lamiñak holes.