The footprints of Cape Espichel

One night, the Virgin appeared in a dream to two elders, one living in Caparica, the other in Alcabideche. Obsessed by this vision, each on their own, they set out in search of the place where this apparition occurred. After wandering for a while, the two men met at Cape Espichel, the arid and wild landscape of which strongly resembled that of their dreams. They got to know each other and were surprised to learn that they had seen the same vision the same night.

Cape Espichel 

Cape Espichel 

Standing on the edge of the cliff, they suddenly heard, like powerful hammer blows mingled with the roaring of the wind and the crashing of the waves. Approaching the precipice to seek the source of this pounding, they remained petrified in front of a scene which they later certified to be a miracle. Because what they saw was truly incredible!

A mare, carrying a woman, climbed the vertical wall of the cliff, known as Pedra da Mua. Under the strain, his hooves struck the rock in showers of sparks. The lady, surrounded by a halo of light, vibrated with a supernatural power that made the two men recoil.

It was then that they understood that they had before them, the Virgin, emerging in all her splendor, as in their vision. They fell to their knees, eyes closed, dazzled by so much magnificence. The time to get up, the apparition had disappeared. However, the prints left in the stone by the formidable mare proved to the two elders that they had not dreamed.