The maid at the lamiñak

Here is the story of the servant among the laminaks. There was once a woman who had three daughters. One day the youngest told her mother that she wanted to leave to work as a domestic worker. Going from town to town, she ended up meeting a fairy who asked her:
"Where are you going, my child?" "

The servant at the laminak

The servant at the laminak

And she answered: "Do you know a place of servant?
- Yes, if you want to come to my place, I will take you. "
She said, “Yes. "

She gave him her morning work to do and said:
“We are Lamina. I have to go out, but your job is in the kitchen, smash the jug, smash all the plates, hit the kids, let them have their breakfast (by themselves), smear their faces and tangles their hair. "

While she was having lunch with the children, a little dog came up to her and said:
“Wow! phew! phew! I want something too.
- Out of here, you stupid little dog, I'll give you a hit
of foot. "

But the dog didn't go away and in the end she gave him something to eat.
“And now,” he said, “I'll tell you what the teacher told you to do. She told you to sweep the kitchen, fill the pitcher and wash all the dishes and that if everything is done well she will give you the choice between a bag of charcoal and a bag full of gold; between a beautiful star on the forehead and a donkey's tail hanging on the forehead. You will have to answer him: A bag of charcoal and a donkey's tail. "

The mistress arrived. The new maid had done all the work well and she was very satisfied with her. So she said to him:
"Pick whatever you want, a bag of charcoal or a bag full of gold?"
-A bag of charcoal, it doesn't matter.
-A star on the forehead, or a donkey's tail?
-A donkey tail, it doesn't matter. "

So she gave him a bag of gold and a beautiful star on his forehead. So the servant went home. She was so beautiful with this star and this bag of gold on her shoulders, the whole family was amazed. The eldest daughter said to her mother:
"Mom, I'm going to go maid too." "

And she said to him, "No, my child, you shouldn't do that."

But as she did not leave her in peace (she agreed), and the girl left like her sister. She arrived at the city of the Lamina and met the same Lamina as her sister. She tells him:
"Where are you going, my daughter?"
- Find a place as a servant.
-Come to our home. "

And she took her as a servant. She said to him as at the first:
“You'll dig the kitchen, smash all the dishes, smash the pitcher, let the kids have breakfast on their own and get their faces dirty. "

There was some leftover breakfast, the little dog came in and said:
“Wow! Wow! phew! I too would like to have something. "

And he followed her everywhere and she gave him nothing and in the end she kicked him back. The mistress came home and found the kitchen all turned upside down, the jug and all the crockery broken. And she asked the servant:
"What are you asking for salary? A bag of gold or a bag of charcoal? a star on the forehead, or a donkey's tail? "

She chose the bag filled with gold and the star on the forehead, but she gave him a bag of charcoal and the tail of a donkey to the forehead. She left home crying and told her mother that she was coming back in pain. And the second girl also asked permission to go.
" No ! no ! (Mother said) and she stayed home.