Basque Tales 28

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : the serpent Lhen Sugea, the lady of Anboto, rolled her into the house

Basque tales

The serpent Lhen sugea

It has been said since very distant times that the Rhune hid a gigantic seven-mouthed serpent named Lhen Sugea who slept under the mountain, and was considered the master of the world by the people of the region. On Mount Larrun then lived a shepherd.

One day, this shepherd fell in love with a young girl from the plain. The young lady let him know that she would only marry a rich and powerful man.
In order to satisfy the beauty, the shepherd went to see the devil by offering him his soul in exchange for riches. But the soul of the shepherd was not enough for the demon. He ordered him to set fire to all the forests of La Rhune. The fire then awoke Lhen Sugea who spat from his seven mouths the gold and silver hidden under the mount.

The shepherd, seeing all this wealth surging on both sides of the mountain, could not help plunging into the fire to amass so much fortune. He died burnt. Since that time, the slopes of Mount Larrun have remained devoid of any vegetation.

The Lady of Anboto

The elders say that a young girl from around Markina went to watch the sheep in Gabaro and, on approaching the cave, she was locked up there by the Lady of Anboto who raised her as a very beautiful young lady: the job of this young girl was to spin constantly, and she never went outside. The Lady brought her everything she wanted from outside. The Lady said to him one day:
"Now you have to go out. »

But the young girl did not want to go out because she felt comfortable inside. But when she was finally ready to go out, the Lady said to her:
“Take a handful of coal. »
“What do I need coal for? replied the girl.
When she was outside, she looked at her hands and saw that everything was red gold.

The lamiña in the house

Once upon a time there was a gentleman and a lady. And one night while she was spinning, a Lamina appeared to the lady and they couldn't get rid of her. They gave him a ham to eat every night and in the end they got tired of this Lamina.

One day the lady said to her husband:
“I can't take this Lamina anymore, I would like to drive her away. »
And the husband thought of dressing up in his wife's clothes and pretending it was her and he did so. The woman went to bed and the man was left alone in the kitchen and the Lamina came as usual. And the husband was spinning.

La Lamina said to him:
"Hello ma'am !
-Similarly, sit down.
-You used to do chirin, chirin, but now
you do firgilun, fargalun. »

The man replied, “Yes, now I am tired. »
As his wife gave him ham to eat, the man offered it to her too.
"Do you want your dinner now?"
"Yes, please," the Lamina replied.

He put the pan on the fire with a piece of ham. He waited for it to cook and when it was red, very red, he threw it straight in Lamina's face. Poor Lamina began to scream loudly and about thirty of her friends came running up to her.

"Who hurt you?"
- Me, to myself, I hurt myself.
-If you did this to yourself, heal it yourself. »

And all the Lamina left and from then on no more Lamina came to this house. This gentleman and this lady once lived very well, but since the Lamina no longer came the house gradually fell into ruin and they ended their lives in misery. And if they had lived well, they would have died well.