Mendiondo's flies

The master of the Mendiondo house was a great idler and yet the job was always finished more quickly at home than at the neighbors. In a single hour of the morning the peerage below the house was mown down; one Sunday, during mass, all the wheat from a field was sawn. The neighbors were very surprised because they never saw any workers in his home.

Mendiondo flies

Mendiondo flies

His wife is also wrong. However, one Sunday, before going to mass, she saw him from afar hiding something in the brushwood. She went there, curious to know what he had put there, and found a case. She opened it and ten flies came out. Flies flutter in his eyes, in his ears and buzz:

– “Zer egin? zer egin? zer egin? (what to do? what to do? what to do?)
Terrified, the woman said to them:

– “Go quickly into the hole”.

The flies immediately return to the case. The woman closed it and put it back. She hastened to tell her husband what had happened to her, and the husband confessed that it was the flies that did the work of his farm. From that moment, whatever task the woman gave them, it was done in a moment. One day when there was nothing to do, the flies tormented the woman saying:

– “Lan! lan! lan! (work!work!work!)
She gave them a sieve:

“Come on, she said to them, fill the empty barrel in the cellar with water. You will take the water from the canal of the mill, and you will transport it in the sieve while going up through the meadow which is above the house”.
In an instant it was done and the flies were still there, harassing the woman and buzzing:

– “Lan! lan! lan! (work! work! work!) At the end of her patience, she said to her husband:
– “How wonderful are these flies! We absolutely have to get rid of it.
“Yes,” replied the husband, “but we must each pay her wages.
“Give them,” said the woman, “the ten geese that are a little above the house. At the same time, the geese flew away with noisy cries towards the clouds and the flies of Mendiondo no longer reappeared.