The powers of the plants of the Strega

Here is the list of the powers of plants according to the Strega.

Powers of plants

Powers of plants

Garlic: Purification and protection herb par excellence. Sacred for the goddess Hékate. Used in banishing magic.

Mugwort: Used for divination, to clean crystals and mirrors. Excellent for healing and shapeshifting. Mugwort is also placed in a pillow to encourage prophetic dreams.

Cinnamon: Herb for prosperity and protection. Sacred herb of Hékate.

The Dictam of Crete : Sacred herb for Cretan goddesses like Dyctinna, Ariadne as well as Demeter and Persephone whose myth goes back to civilization minoan. Also offered as an offering to the Cretan Snake Goddess, creator of the world.

Fennel: Protection and healing.

Juniper: Sacred herb of Lupercus. Hanging by a red thread on the door protects against evil energies, thieves and brings health and love. Juniper wreaths are hung during the Winter Solstice in Italy.

Lavender: Herb widely used in Tuscany. Associated with the God Lupercus and Dis. Attracts love, increases desire, purifies and attracts peace.

Le Laurier: Protection. Its branches are used to water magic mixtures. Chewing bay leaf is excellent for prophetic gifts. Rituals are often written on bay leaves and are burnt.

Lemon balm: A herb used in the past during the Diana Worship at Lake Nemi, Italy.

Mint: Purification of the spirit and prosperity.

Verbena: Sacred herb of the Goddess Diana and Aradia in the Aridiane tradition. Verbena oil is excellent for purifying altars, as was done among the Romans. Verbena is one of the most sacred and magical plants: it covers several areas: healing, purification, divination, etc ... I also consider it as the sacred herb of Demeter.

Rosemary: Rosemary was burned on altars in antiquity Greek in order to ward off evil spirits and diseases. Rosemary was a symbol of fidelity among lovers. Rosemary was a popular ingredient for religious ceremonies, weddings and funerals and also for magic charms.

The Sicilians believe that fata, taking the form of the serpent, lie on the branches of rosemary. Purification, symbol of God (aspect of the horned - Selvans), healing, passion and love. When a rosemary twig is burnt, all evil energy is banished. Place a sprig of rosemary to ward off nightmares. A rosemary necklace on oneself preserves youth and attracts fata (fairies).

La Rue: The name "Rue" comes from the Greek word "reuo", meaning "to liberate", due to its effectiveness in the treatment of several diseases. The street was used a lot by the ancients; Hippocrates says it was one of the main ingredients in an antidote to poison. The Greeks saw it as an anti-magic herb as the street dealt with strange disorders related, it was said, to witchcraft.

In the middle Ages. The street was considered a powerful weapon of protection against witches and was used in several rituals… The most sacred of herbs. Represents the God in the Wheel of the Year. It is sacred to Hékate, being an herb of protection, banishment and healing (during lunar rites). The rue root is a sacred element and is considered the symbol of the Streghe - it is also worn as an amulet by them or as a pendant (cimaruta).

Thyme: Sacred herb for the Queen of the Fairies. Squeezing fresh thyme on your chest during a full moon helps to see fairies. Multipurpose grass.

Valerian: Sacred herb for the God Say.