2nd generation gods Fon

The 2nd generation Fon gods are LISA of the fire and MAOU of water.

2nd generation Fon gods are LISA of the fire and MAOU of water

LISA (Fire)

It designates the 1er son of the God Se. Its name means etymologically: "sa" (expansion) and "li" (white light). He is the sun at sunrise, the becoming of creation, the principle of transformation. Lisa resides at sunset, in the west, he rules the air. It designates the masculine principle par excellence. He is represented by a solar disk or a chameleon. Tradition teaches that he brought the God Gou to earth in the form of a sword named Goubasa.

With this utensil, Lisa brought agriculture, law, justice, therefore civilization to humans. Its color is white, which symbolizes the purity of ideas and life and for numbers: 1 and 3. Lisa corresponds to the Egyptian God Chou, god of the luminous air and draws according to us a verbal resemblance with the God Greek Helios. Lisa and Maou form the creative couple.

MAOU (Water)

She is the setting sun or the moon and represents the feminine principle. In fon "ma" (leaf) and "or" (to grow, to germinate). Maou therefore designates the principle of gestation, the nourishing principle which makes bodies grow and distributes destinies, which joins the symbolism of the crescent moon. It designates the universal Mother (of Gods and men), as shown by its anthropomorphic figuration with dangling breasts and carrying a lunar crescent.

Maou also designates the divine principle that is evoked to take an oath in a Fon environment because it represents the truth, the cosmic order. Lisa has green for color and number 2. As we mentioned above, Maou also means the verb creator. From her union with Lisa is born the Old God, the Earth. Maou is the dark form of the Egyptian word Maât Goddess of Justice and Cosmic Order.