The true and the false

Here is the story told of true and false. There was once a woman who was married, widowed, and remarried. One day when she had her husband at work, a man happened to her. She asked him where he was from.

the true and the false

The true and the false

He answered him: - "from the other world. "
- "Ah! ah! ah! do you know any news from Pierre? ".
He replies that Pierre is doing very well, but that he is very miserable compared to the shoes and the clothes, and that he cannot even buy tobacco to smoke his pipe. This woman immediately said:

- "Would you like to bring him some pennies and some clothes?" "
- " Yes. "
And she gives him some. The man leaves very happy, the package in his hand and some coins in his pocket. When her husband returned, she said to him:

- "Jean, you don't know?" There is news from Pierre; I have recent ones. "
- "Who made fun of you, woman?" What did you give him? "
- "A package in hand." I have just met him! ".
He takes his horse from the stable and sets off at full speed. The man who had sat down with his bundle next to him hears the sound of the horse and throws his bundle into the thicket. The rider arrives and asks him:

- "Have you seen a man pass here, a package in his hand?" "
- " Yes; he has entered this wood! "
- "Would you like to keep this horse for me for a while?" "
- " Gladly. "
And our man, leaving his horse, enters the woods in search of the thief. The other villain takes his bundle, climbs on the horse, hits it and escapes. After a long search, the man returned; but he found neither horse nor package. Furious, he returned home and said to his wife:

- "Ah! the man who took your package and your money, I gave him the horse to get to heaven as soon as possible! "