Basque Tales 25

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : the heads of the devil's wife, the three truths, the pumpkins

Basque tales

The heads of the woman and the devil

One day, while they were walking, the Lord Jesus and Saint Peter saw a woman and a devil who were arguing with all their might. The impetuous Saint Peter ran to them and cut off the heads of both of them. Jesus rebuked him, and sharply. Then he ordered her to go away at the same pace, putting the heads back in their places.

But, regretting his fault, poor Saint Peter got confused: to the woman he put the head of the demon, while he put the head of the woman back!!! And it is since that day that we say:
"woman's head... devil's head." »

The three truths

(Musculdy's version).

One fall, the shepherds descend from the cayolars above to those below. Once the shepherds forgot their grill at the cayolar from above. When they wanted, in the evening, to cook the pancakes, they noticed that the grill was missing. As everyone feared Basa Jaun and no one wanted to go get the grill, they agreed that whoever would agree to go back upstairs would have five sous. One of them says:

– I will go. and he left.
Arrived at the cayolar, he found the Basa Jaun in front of a large fire, cooking patties on the grill. The shepherd, at this sight, was very frightened; but the Basa Jaun begged him to come in and say what he wanted. He replied that he was coming to get the grill.
– If you tell me three truths, said the Basa Jaun, I will give you the grill and let you go.

The shepherd, after reflecting for a moment, began thus:
“Sir, some people say, when it is moonlight, that the night is as bright as the day; but to me it seems the night is never so bright.
- No ; it is so, it is true.

– Sir, many people say, when they have a good meal, that they find it as good as bread. But I always find the bread better.
. You are right, this is also true.
– Sir, if I had known how to meet you here, of course, I would not have come.
“I believe you, that's true, too,” said the Basa Jaun; and since you told me three truths, I let you go with your grill. But I want to give you some advice.
Never go out at night for gain, but gratis”.


The Lord Jesus and Saint Peter went through the country Basque, again this time. Somewhere there, in Labourd, they meet a woman who was going away, a pumpkin on her head, another still in her hand.

Saint Peter said to Jesus:
-"Lord, those pumpkins, she stole them!" I would put my neck in it…”
-“Shut up, Peter, and don’t swear like that; pumpkin is just water only… Didn't you know that, innocent? »
That is why, it is said, it has since been permitted to take someone else's pumpkin from the fields.