The young schoolboy

This is the story of the young schoolboy. Once upon a time there was a gentleman and a lady. They had a child. The father was a ship's captain. The mother always sent her son to school and when the father returned from his travels he asked his son if he had learned a lot at school. The mother answered: “No, no! not a lot. »

young schoolboy

young schoolboy

The father went on another trip. He came home for the second time. “My child, what did you learn at school?
- Nothing ! replied the child to his father.
"Didn't you learn anything?"
The captain went to find the master and asked him if his child was learning anything.
"I can't get anything into this kid's head. »

The boy arrived and the father asked him again what he had learned in school.
“(To understand) the song of the birds. That's all.
-Oh, my son, the birdsong! Birdsong ! Come ! come aboard the ship with me! »

And he took her with him. During the crossing, a bird came and sat at the back of the boat, singing: “Wirittiti. kirikiriki. »
“My son, come, come, instead of starting by learning the art of being a captain, you have learned the song of birds. Do you know what this bird sings?
- Yes, my father. I know he sings that I am now under your orders, but you will also be under mine. »

What did the captain do? He took a barrel, broke the top and put his son in it. He closed the barrel, threw it into the sea and a storm threw it ashore.

A king was passing by just then and he found this barrel and called his men. They started wanting to break it and the boy cried from inside:
“Slow down, there's someone in there. »

They opened the barrel and the boy came out. The king took him home and he married the king's daughter.

One day, the father of this boy was caught in a big storm and the captain was rejected on a seaside. He went to the king and he saw his son. The son recognized the father, but the father did not recognize his son at all and he became his own son's servant.

One day he said to her:
“Do you know who I am?
-No sir.
- I am so-and-so, your son. At such a moment you threw me into the sea in a barrel and now the song of the bird has come true. »

And after that father and son lived very happily together.