Basque tales 30

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : 2 arms 2 feet 1 stomach, the lamina and the stonecutter

Basque tales

2 arms, 2 feet, 1 stomach

One day, Saint Peter, after having given himself to long reflections, questioned the Lord Jesus:
- "Lord, as we have two arms, two feet, two eyes, two ears, why don't we also have two stomachs? "
And the Lord Jesus to answer him immediately:
- "Because the man will have enough trouble to maintain even one, Pierre. "

The lamiña and the stonemason

A long time ago, they say, there was a stonemason. Believing that he was getting tired of knocking and that it was better for him to be something else, he wanted to be rich. as there were many Lamiñak at that time, one of these Lamiñak heard him and, on the spot, made him rich. But, under the pretext that there was still more powerful than him, he had enough of his fate, and he wanted to be Emperor.

And the Lamiña made him Emperor. One scorching summer, he was annoyed by the sun, and he reflected that it was better for him to be Sun. And the Lamiña made him Sun. But, the weather having blurred a little, a cloud rose in front of him, and, offended, he thought it would be better for him to be a cloud. And the Lamiña made him Cloud. But as he poured downpours of rain on the earth, he observed that he did not even stir some large rocks, and sooner than a cloud he would have preferred to be a rock. And the Lamiña made him a Rock.

But with an iron hammer in his hand, a man blew it up piece by piece, and he cried out that he had to be that man. And, having made him a stonecutter, the Lamiña said to him, mocking him:

- "Who has one wants to have the other! You are as advanced as before! From now on, let's stay like this: I Lamiña and you Stonecutter. "

And the Lamiña never reappeared to the stonemason.