The blind tartalo

Here is the story of the blind tartalo. There was once a Tartalo, a giant with a human face, of extraordinary strength, and having only one eye in the middle of his forehead. He loved nothing so much as the flesh of a Christian; he could smell it from afar, and always chased away Christians who ventured into his neighborhood.

blind tartalo

The blind tartalo

One night when he was away, a lost young man came to his door to ask for cover until morning. Tartalo's wife allowed the stranger to enter, but told him that she could only have a barn where he would share, if it suited him, the litter of the sheep.
"'Yes, gladly,' said the young man, 'for I am tired. "

Soon the Tartarus arrives. No sooner has he closed the door on him than he cries out:
"- Assi queey a car de Christia" (occitant?)

As he was not hungry at the moment, having made his supper of two sheep, he contented himself with saying to the Christian:
"- Tomorrow, I will eat you for my dessert". Then he stretched out in front of the fire, soon fell asleep and snored loudly.

What then does the Christian do? Despite his fear, he realized that he had nothing to spare, and that the time was right to render his enemy powerless. He takes the spit from the hearth, makes it redden in the fire and pierces the eye of the Tartalo with it. The giant stands up roaring:
 "It is the Christian's blow, he said, he will pay me for it."

He groped after him, but the other hid among the sheep. The Tartalo, tired of a fruitless pursuit, imagines a ruse. He takes a sheep, puts it outside, occupies the door himself and passes the others one by one between his legs, feeling them all carefully. The young man, understanding the danger, covers himself with the skin of a sheep, gets on all fours and slips into the place of the flock.

But the Tartalo was on his guard and grabbed him. The young man, leaving his skin between his hands, escapes outside.
So the husband and wife go after him. No matter how much the poor Christian ran, he kept turning and turning and coming back to the same place. The Tartar woman then said:
"Christian, put this ring on your finger, and you will find your way. "

He takes the ring and the ring begins to cry:
"- I am here, I am here! ".

Guided by the voice, the Tartalo begins a more confident pursuit, and goes to seize the young man. This one tries to remove the ring, but the ring held on. He then cuts his finger off and throws it with the ring between two steep rocks. The ring cried:
"- I am here, I am here! "

The Tartarus, following the voice, threw himself furiously to the bottom of the precipice and broke there.