Herensuge and the knight

In the mountain of Aralar (Navarre) there is a cave. It was here that Herensuge lived who, when he felt hunger coming, went down to the villages and caused hecatombs among the people. This is why the people of the surroundings decided to send or deliver to the dragon one person per day, designated by lot.

Herensuge and the knight


One day the fate fell on a young girl. So she went to the entrance of the cave waiting for the monster.

At these times the Knight of Goñi traveled the mountains. He did penance until his iron shackles broke, shoes and a large iron chain hanging from his belt. The devil appeared to him in the guise of a noble knight, he told him that if he wanted to break his shackles and his chain, he had to rub them against his own excrement.

He did as the devil told him and his iron shoes broke, but not the chain. The poor knight could no longer walk as before now that he was barefoot. He had no hope left that he could ever break his chain.

One day, he was passing near the dragon's chasm. That's where he saw the girl. He asked her:
" What are you doing here ? ".
The girl spoke to him and told him what was happening. So the knight sent the girl home and began to wait for the monster to arrive.

Thereupon, the dragon came out of the abyss and bit the chain which the penitent held out to him, and, swallowing it, he drew the knight of Goñi towards him.
In such a perilous position, he addresses Saint Michael, exclaiming:
“Saint Michael help me”.

It is said that in heaven a voice was heard saying:
“Saint Michael, we call you from the world”.

“Lord, I would not go without you,” replied the Archangel Saint Michael and he descended to Mount Aralar, carrying God on his head. With his sharp sword he cut the neck of the dragon and at the same time, the chain of the knight of Goñi.

Thus his penance ended for good.