Basque tales 31

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : the laminak in Behorlegui-Mendi, the laminak of Mandarrain, the castle of Laustenia

Basque tales

The laminak in Behorlegui-Mendi

In Behorlegui-Mendi, in the past, there were Laminak holes everywhere.

One day, a shepherd saw a Wild Lady who, in one of these holes, was combing with a golden comb. And he was not a little frightened!

But the Wild Lady told him not to be afraid. Moreover, if he took her on the back and from her hole carried her to Apanize, she would give him money, at pleasure.
The shepherd consented to it: he would transport it with a good heart.

So he took her on the back. But he had not yet left the lair, when a number of animals appeared before him. Terrified, he immediately threw the Wild Lady to the ground and fled as quickly as possible.

The Wild Lady, then, let out a frightening cry. And, in a howl, she said:
- Curse! For a thousand years now, I must stay in this hole!
And since, it is there indeed, in the prepice. And a shepherd never ventures into these parts!

The laminak of Mandarrain

In the past, there were said to be Laminaks at the top of the Mondarrain mountain.

Every morning (but before the sun came out) the Wild Lady went to the crest of the mountain, to comb her hair with a golden comb. And that all the shepherds around could see.

Once, before daybreak, a shepherd steals his golden comb from him and takes flight.

The Wild Lady did not notice it as soon as she began to pursue him. She has almost caught up with him already, when the first rays of sun appear.

And immediately, willy-nilly, the Wild Lady had to return to her den, and the Shepherd remained in possession of the comb.

The castle of Laustenia

A long time ago, the lord of Laustania, finding his castle too poor, asked, it is said, of the Laminaks that they make him a new one.

The Laminaks wanted to. Gladly they would make the castle; and even they will do it before the first cockcrow after the stroke of midnight. One condition: as a salary, the Lord would give them his soul. And the lord of Laustania made the promise.

That same night the Laminaks began their work. They cut beautiful red Arradoy stones perfectly. And then they passed them quickly from one to the other, saying to each other in a low voice:
- Here, Guillen!
- Take it, Guillen!
- Give it, Guillen!

And the work advanced, advanced furiously. From the top of the stairs to the henhouse, the Lord of Laustania watched the Laminaks. In one hand he held a certain gray package.

And behold, the Laminaks grabbed the last stone:
- Here, Guillen!
- Take it, Guillen!
- This is the last Guillen!

At the same time, the lord of Laustania set fire to a large piece of e; a great light rose in front of the henhouse. A young rooster was frightened, fearing that the sun had overtaken him that day: he sang kukuruku and began to flap his wings.

With a shrill howl, the last Laminak in the abyss of the river threw the last stone he already held in his hands: "Damn cock!" And he sank himself into the abyss with his companions.

This stone, no one has ever been able to remove from the abyss. It is still there, at the bottom of the water: the Laminaks hold it back with their claws. And, always, a stone is missing from the castle of Laustania.