Basque tales 15

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : The priest of Marttiene, Begizko the evil eye, The rush hedge

Basque tales

The priest of Marttiene

A priest from the house of Marttiene (Aldudes) often went to the mountain of Auza in the region of Baigorri, on the borders of Errazu.
He saw gold, the serpent as well as the goat.
Standing at the entrance to the cave he read his prayers to keep these two spirits of animal form away.

The strength of the prayers weakens and thins the serpent to the point of turning it into fine grass. However, he could not manage to dislodge him from the place.

He then tried to grab the gold, a consecrated host against his chest. But when he tried to touch the pile, the snake grew threatening.

The priest left without having been able to carry out his plan. From inside he heard these words:
"Say thank you to what you were wearing on your chest, otherwise you would be here." "

Begizko (the evil eye)

One day, two peasants were walking behind their teams of oxen. They were a little distracted, they were joking, when suddenly one of them saw a man coming towards them.

he was one of those people who unwittingly glances at him. At the same moment, he moved away from his companion and placed himself at the head in front of his oxen, brandishing his sting in the glance of the evildoer. But the sting could not resist the force of the evil eye and it was shattered into pieces.
However, thanks to the speed of their master and the sacrifice of his sting, the oxen were delivered from certain misfortune.

The rush hedge

In ancient times, people knew in advance the time of their death. Now, one day, Jesus Christ was walking in the company of Saint Peter. He passed along a field and saw a man busy closing it with a rush of rushes. He asked her why he was making such a fragile fence.

- "Oh Lord! said the man, I have to die in three days and the hedge will last as long as me.
- "Well," said Jesus, "this is the cause that henceforth you will no longer know when you must die".