The quails that sang to someone

This is the story of the quail singing to someone.

quail singing to someone

The quails that sang to someone

A traveler from Navarre arrived in the Sierra de Codés at nightfall when suddenly he heard quail singing:
- cascale, cascale, cascale, bring the me, bring the me, bring the me !.

At the same time that he heard this field, the Navarrese felt himself taken by one foot and, thinking he was the victim of witches, remained petrified with irrational terror.

- My God, don't kill me! was the only thing he could mumble with his hands crossed on his chest and with a pleading look.

But as the dreaded witches would not let go, he repeated tirelessly all night long:
- my God, don't kill me! My God, don't kill me!… ..

And the quails continued:
- cascale, cascale, cascale, bring the me, bring the me, bring the me !.

It was beginning to dawn when another traveler, this one from Antoñana but going in the opposite direction, discovered the Navarrese weeping desperately, begging:
- My God, don't kill me!

The al had approached the Navarrese and said to him:
- Can I help you ?

The man from Navarre looked at him with a gesture of infinite joy, opened his arms and said:
- Thank God, you came to save me from witches!

Al had rubbed his chin, looked around without hearing anything and said:
- Witches? What witches?
- The ones that hold me back!

The al had looked him up and down and added:
- I don't know anything about witches but what I do know, because I can see it with my own eyes, is that you got your pants caught in the brambles.

The Navarrese discovered, relieved, that indeed a bramble was hooked and held him by the foot. But the relief lasted a short time, asking aloud:
- But if the witches didn't hold me back, then why were the quails singing?

The Antoñana guy rubbed his chin again, even longer and asked with a gesture denoting his thoughts on the sanity of the Navarrese:
- Quails? What quails

Since then, we have said, speaking of someone who is not completely in his head: "To this one, the quails sang."