The lamiña and the old woman

Here is the story of the lamina and the old woman. There was a man and a woman in one house, both of which had reached a certain age. The man went to bed early, while the woman lingered every evening in spinning phiru-phiru. But, also every evening, and always at the same time, it happened to the poor spinner that, along the fireplace, an unknown woman descended, who did not go away until she had obtained some crumbs from supper. .

the lamina and the old woman

The lamina and the old woman

The spinner had barely started frying her ham, when she heard the same noise and the same request:
- "Chichi'ta papa, papa buchtia? (meat and bread, soaked bread?)

It had been repeating itself for a few weeks already, and the poor frightened woman did not venture to say anything to her man, in the hope that the lamiña would end up not coming back. One evening, however, as in a dream, the man thought he perceived that his companion was conversing with someone ...

When the poor woman came to bed, her husband asked her:
- " So say ! Weren't you talking with someone a moment ago? "
- " Yes " 
- "Who did you have there?" "
- "Here, I don't know at all myself who it is, but, it is already a few weeks that the same monster appears to me; and it is always at the same time, as soon as my supper begins.

And, inevitably, he asks me:
- "Chichi'ta papa, papa buchtia? "
- "And you give it to him? "
- " It must be so. What to do ? "
- " Its good ! tomorrow night, I will stay in your place. Someone who arrives at this time, it can't be good! A wizard ? A lamiña? ... We will see him tomorrow. I will put on your shawl and handkerchief as best I can, as well as the other evenings. "

The next day, as agreed, the woman goes to bed, while, remaining by the fireside, the man is already pretending to slip away ... Very quickly, he perceives a great noise: the forever unknown, descending firrindan along from the fireplace, sits down close to him and immediately calls out:
- "Chichi'ta papa, papa buchtia? "

Our man acts as if he hadn't heard, and, phiru, phiru, starts to run frantically. So the lamiña to ask him:
- "How furiously you are working this evening!
- "Yes, yesterday, frin, frin, firun, firun, today fran, fran, furdulu, furdulu…"

And the spinner was still spinning, watching the stranger out of the corner of his eye. Immediately, he recognized a lamiña, and immediately also said to himself that it was a question of driving him out of there, as quickly as possible.

For his part, having been suspicious of something, the lamiña asked:
- "You are not, this evening, what you usually are. You seem tough to me… What's your name? "
- "Nehorknereburu". (myself, my person)
- "Nehorknereburu? ... And chichi'ta papa, papa buchtia? ...

Our man had his stove in the corner of the fireplace; he puts it on the fire, all loaded with fat, and leaves it there until it is very reddened. Very happy already, the lamiña did not stop rubbing his hands:
- «chichi'ta papa, papa buchtia! "

Suddenly, calculating that the pan must be red hot, the spinner suddenly seizes it (braun) and, pla, throws the fat to the lamiña, right in the middle of the face ... Immediately, screaming, the lamiña goes up the chimney . Once outside, in a shrill clamor, he assembles all his Lamiñak companions.

With his hands on his burnt face, he ceaselessly laments, and his companions could not understand anything from his words:
- "What do you have? What do you have? ... Who has damaged you in this way? ...
- »Nehorknereburuk! (myself, my person! ...)
- "Since you yourself damaged your person, whose fault is it? And what do you want from us? ...

And, by the dark night, the lamiñak immediately vanished in all directions.