The priest played

As there are many in the world, there was a gentleman and a lady. The man's name was Petarillo, he liked to go hunting. One day he caught two leggings, and that day Monsieur le Cure came to see him at his house. The husband said to his wife: "If Monsieur le Curé comes back, you will let go of one of these hares as if to come and get me, by tying a note to its neck and I will tie another note to the neck of the other hare." "

priest played

The priest played

Monsieur le Cure came to their house one day and asked where the husband was. The woman said to him:
"I'm going to send it off by one of those hares with a ticket." No matter where he is, he will find it, so well has he trained them. "

And she let out one of the hares. They were starting to get impatient with waiting for him, when finally the husband came home and his wife said to him: “I sent you the hare.
"I have it here," replied the husband.

The parish priest, astonished, begged him to sell it to him and said:
"You must sell me that hare, please, you trained him so well." "

The priest repeated that it had to be sold to him. And the man answered him:
"I won't give it to you for less than five hundred francs."
- Oh ! Will you leave it to me for three cents?
- No no."

Finally, he left it to her at four hundred. The priest said to his governess:
"If someone came looking for me, you would send this hare, who will find me wherever I am." "

A man came to the presbytery to say that a sick man was asking for M, the priest. She sent this hare, convinced that he would find it, but the cure did not appear. The man, tired of waiting, left. The housekeeper told the priest that she had sent the hare, but that it had never reappeared.

He went, angrily, to the hunter. But Petarillo, seeing the curate arriving in a rage, gave his wife a wine bottle and said to her:
"Put this under your blouse and when Monsieur le Curé is there, I will give you an angry stab with the knife and you will fall like dead, but when I play the xirula *, you will get up like resuscitated. "

The priest arrived very angry, (the three of them quarreled) and the man stabbed his wife, she fell to the ground, the priest said to her:
"Do you know what you did?
- It's nothing, he replied, I'll fix it right away, "

And he took his xirula and began to play. The woman got up, resuscitated, and the priest said to her: "Please sell me this xirula." "

He replied that he did not want to sell it, because it was too valuable.
“But you have to sell it to me. How much do you want ? I will give you anything you ask for.
-Five hundred francs. And he gave it to her.

The parish priest's housekeeper sometimes made fun of him, and when he got home he wanted to scare her a little. When, as usual, she began to laugh at him, he stabbed her with a large table knife.

His sister said to him:
"Do you realize what you've done?" you killed your housekeeper! "
He said to her; "No no! I can fix it, ”and he started to play the xirula, but he didn't fix it.

He went in anger to the hunter, took him, tied him and carried him in his bag to throw him into the sea. As he passed near the church, the bell rang, he left him there to go say Mass. Meanwhile, a shepherd passed by and asked the man what he was doing there. He replied: "The priest wants to throw me into the sea because I don't want to marry the king's daughter." "

The other said to him: "I will put myself in your place and deliver you and I will marry and you when you have locked me in the sack, you will go with my flock. "

When the priest returned, after having said mass, he took the bag and as he loaded it on his shoulders, the man said to him:
"I want to marry the king's daughter!"
- I'm going to get married soon! "
And he threw him into the sea.

*xirula: flute Basque (pronounced Tchiroula)