The holy orphan

There was a young girl who lived far from the world, alone, in holiness. Every day a pigeon brought him his food. One day she saw a young girl who two gendarmes were taking to prison or to death. The holy orphan said to herself:
“If she had lived like me, they wouldn't have taken her to prison. »

The holy orphan

The holy orphan

And with that, she had a proud thought and from that day the pigeon no longer brought her food. She went to a priest and told him what had happened and that since then she had not received any food. This priest told her that she had been punished because of this thought and that she had to witness the birth of three children and see what their gifts would be.

The first was the son of a king. She asked the queen for permission to stay in her room, in any corner, she wouldn't mind if she would only give her permission. She consented.

When this queen gave birth to a boy, the child wore a white cord around his neck, and the orphan understood that at the age of eighteen he would be guillotined. She saw the birth of another child, a girl with a red cord around her neck, and she saw that she would go wrong and be lost. She saw a third birth, it was a boy and he wore a blue cord, which meant he would be very good.

After seeing this, the orphan returned to the queen. There she lived happily, taking special care of the child. When she stroked him, she often said to him in a sad tone:
“Poor child! »

The mother noticed this and one day she said to him: “It seems that this child is very unhappy. Is that what you do when you caress a child, as if he is very unhappy, or as if something is going to happen to him? »

She told him this more than once. And as the (fatal) age approached, the orphan told the queen what was to happen to her at the age of eighteen. I'll let you judge the queen's sentence. She repeated it to her husband and the father and mother told their son; who said he had to leave the house immediately. He then traveled a long way to another city. And as he had education, he placed himself in a house where there was a large store. Everything was sold there and as this young man was very wise, everyone loved him.

We heard him leaving the house every night, but we didn't know where. The master was curious (to know) and he made a hole above the store, because he would also come there during the night. He saw him take a candle and put the value of this candle into the cash register through the hole in the counter, counting the money out loud. Taking the candle with him, he knelt down and went to a fairly distant chapel, still walking on his knees.

The master followed him for eight days and the boy always did the same thing and on the eighth day the master looked through the keyhole of the chapel and saw an angel come down and throw a chain to our young man and the angel carried into the air. A moment later he came down again and returned to his master's house.

The master told him that he had seen everything and the boy told him that his penances were also over and that he should go home. The master didn't want it.
“You will go after, if you want, but you must first marry my daughter. »

He told him that he had a father and a mother and that he could not do it without telling them, but if they agreed, he would do it willingly.

He went straight home. You think what joy for the king and queen! They were constantly trembling in fear of learning that their beloved son had been hanged. They didn't know what to do with joy. He told them how he had done penance and that undoubtedly the good Lord had forgiven him and how his former master wanted to marry him to his daughter. Which he did and they all lived happily and died well.