Pia's Burro

Pianencs are familiar with this story, which has become a legend local, but do not really try to evoke it outside the village… it is far too embarrassing! This is the story of Burro de Pia.

Burro de Pia

Burro de Pia

It is the story of a happy pianenc owner of a donkey, which we guess of Catalan race of course. Leaving their stable with their master to go to their work, the duo passed in front of the church, which sported a superb dandelion at the top of its bell tower, a dandelion probably born from a seed brought by a mischievous wind or a greedy bird and which , being well there, grew and made very beautiful flowers.

At each pass, the donkey saw this beautiful dandelion and began to bray with lust and it was necessary to implement treasures of imagination to make him stop the desire to bite it and continue on his way.

One day, his owner had had enough of these whims and decided to offer him the dandelion. He fetched a rope, climbed to the top of the bell tower to pass it through a pulley and tied one end of the rope around the donkey's neck. Then he pulled with all his might to make the animal climb up to the flower. Of course the donkey began to bray in pain, but its cries were interpreted as joy by this not very clever pianenc.

The donkey was never able to eat his dandelion or anything else for that matter, and the whole village mourned his death. It is since that day that the donkey has been the symbol of Pia, in addition to being that of Catalonia.