Basque tales 23

Basque tales

Here are various tales Basque : la lagune d’Arbeiza, Sugoi et les deux frères, les charrettes renversées

Basque tales

The lagoon of Arbeiza

In the Navarrese village of Arbeiza there was in ancient times a magnificent palace inhabited by very wealthy lords. They were so uncharitable and had such a bad background that when they saw a beggar approaching their door they stirred their dogs against him.
One of their servant, very charitable, sympathized with the misfortunes of these poor and suffered to see them thus treated.

one day a poor man came to the door. The maid saw him and took a container of water. Pretending to go to the fountain and approaching the poor man, she gave him a piece of bread.

The poor man advised him to leave this house; he told her that there was going to be an exemplary punishment there.
She therefore abandoned the palace and it, with its lords and their property, disappeared underground. In its place appeared a lake.

Sugoi and the two brothers

Two brothers of the Iturribeiti house of Bargondia saw Sugoi in the form of a serpent, in the cave of Balzola.

The younger cut off his tail with a stone. The elder, more sensitive, did not approve of this gesture.

Later, the latter was very far from home and nostalgia lived in him. A stranger instantly transported him to the cave of Balzola. By depositing him at the entrance, his mysterious benefactor gave him a box filled with gold for him, as well as a red belt for his brother. But he didn't want to put it on.
So they tied him to a walnut tree there in front of the house. At the same time the tree caught fire, and in its place only a deep abyss remained.

Overturned carts

Tandis qu’ils cheminaient dans le pays Basque, le seigneur Jésus et saint Pierre, un jour, rencontrent un homme dont la charrette s’est renversée. A genoux, il priait Dieu de lui redresser sa charrette. Jésus passe tout à côté de lui, et ne le regarde seulement pas. Plus loin, ils rencontrent un autre homme dont la charrette était renversée aussi.

And he was struggling with his cart, lifting her here, lifting her there. He persisted, got angry. Soaked in sweat, he grew irritated and swore by all the devils. Immediately, the Lord Jesus said to Saint Peter:
- "Come, we must help this man to straighten his cart. "

And Saint Peter said to him:
- "Hey! what, lord! We didn't help a man earlier while he was praying, and now we have to help this man? But he's swearing by all the devils! "
And the Lord Jesus to answer Saint Peter:
- »This one exhausts all its means; the other did not. "