Baatsi is the first man created by Torus, the supreme god with the help of the Moon. Toré is the god of the forests or an ancestral hero who appears in the form of the more or less strong wind or in the form of an animal like a leopard.



Tore kneads clay to give it a human shape then he covers the statuette with a skin. When Tore poured blood into the skin, the first man came to life. He also made a woman.
The Creator tells them to go live in the forest and have many children.

Baatsi children could eat the fruits of all trees except those of the tahu tree. Baatsi warned his many children of this taboo, then he went to live in heaven with Tore.

One day, however, a pregnant woman had such a craving for the tahu fruit that she couldn't resist.
Her husband refused at first then he gave in to his wife. He picked the fruit from her and hid the skin in the forest so as not to leave any traces of their crime.
But the Moon had seen it all. When the Moon reported to Tore what the humans had done, Tore flew into such a terrible rage that he sent Death to Earth as punishment.

In the Efe tradition, Baatsi is the name of the creator god.