Gallic sacred animals

Here is a non-exhaustive list of sacred animals Gallic and their spiritual and esoteric significance.

Gallic sacred animals

Gallic sacred animals

The Blackbird represents the inner call, the one that commits us to follow a spiritual path. It shows us the paths to follow to learn more about the potentials and motivations hidden within us.

La Biche brings the Softness and Grace of the feminine principle. It invites us to go beyond the material and superficial element of life and to discern the heart of things and the causes rather than the effects.

The Deer signifies Pride, Independence. He brings us grace, majesty and integrity; it can help us strengthen our sense of dignity and self-assurance.

The Bear symbolizes the primordial Force, Sovereignty. It connects us to our instinct, which helps us discover our power by combining strength and intuition.

The Fox represents Diplomacy, Cunning. Thanks to him, you will know when to come out in the open and make yourself heard, and when to shut up and keep your ideas secret.

The Boar develops the Warrior Spirit, the guiding Idea. He calls us into the forest to reveal a secret about ourselves and the world. It symbolizes wild life and the indomitable force present in each of us. His primitive strength makes us fit for command.

The Falcon brings Nobility, Purification. It allows us to see our life in its true light, to free ourselves from unnecessary burdens and to reconnect with our ancestral roots. When we know where we come from and where we are going, inspiration and enthusiasm fill our lives.

The Dog signifies Advice, Loyalty. He guides and protects us throughout this life. It provides the help needed to defend our values and the things that are sacred to us.

The Owl represents Detachment, Change. She teaches us the wisdom to turn our weaknesses into strengths.

The Cat signifies Surveillance, Sensuality. It allows us to observe a situation calmly and without preconceived ideas before making a decision. It reminds us that we have the right to choose when and how to solve our problems. He shows great sensuality, and thereby proves that consciousness and sensitivity are facets of the same reality.

The Crane brings secret Knowledge, Longevity. It can stay for hours observing the depths of the water, until it stings its prey. She also knows how to concentrate without being distracted, which makes her adept at guiding us on our journeys of inner exploration.

The Frog symbolizes Sensitivity, Beauty. She brings healing and happiness, singing and leaping to lead us to the sacred source that nourishes and regenerates. It will help us to feel with our whole being the presence of others, the sounds and the ways of healing, to seek the beauty and the magic that appearances hide.

The Raven offers Healing, Initiation. It is the sign that something dies giving birth to something new. Thanks to him, we can achieve deep healing by practicing "the reconciliation of opposites" to resolve the conflicts buried in our unconscious or from our past.

The Swan brings the qualities of the Soul: love, depth, grace and beauty. It is the bird of the threshold, the one that separates our world from the Beyond. It represents our ability to travel from one to the other.

The Wolf symbolizes Intuition, Learning. It brings a deep sense of fidelity, inner strength and intuition. It shows the way to learning. Get to know your deepest self and you will always benefit from courage and a spiritual presence, even in the most complete darkness.

The Serpent represents Transformation, vital Energy. It symbolizes our successive deaths and rebirths, as well as sexual energy. With him, your life will be imbued with grace and magic.

The Eagle means Intelligence, Courage. It helps to take a step back to analyze our life. It offers the objectivity and clarity of mind necessary for decision-making and the search for priorities.

The Sow develops Generosity, Discovery. The many litters of the Sow symbolize abundance and fertility. It reminds us that life is generous, giving to all and constantly regenerating things and beings, and that we must appreciate the beauties and pleasures of life.

Taurus connects to Wealth, Benefits. It represents fertility, power, abundance and prosperity, and helps to persevere to reach our goal if circumstances turn against us. It gives us the necessary energy to physically or morally overcome the problems that accumulate.

The Goose calls for Vigilance, creative Power. Very attached to his family, to his stable environment, but also able to fly at an extraordinary altitude from one continent to another, the Goose shows that it is possible to combine material and spiritual aspirations in our lives. daily.

Aries means Breakthrough, Success. It gives the possibility of breakthrough, the energy to penetrate, overcome and succeed. It also represents rootedness, connection, balance. It will help us to find within ourselves the strength to succeed, without success “making our heads spin”; he knows how to stay on the ground and remind us of daily realities.

The Hare symbolizes the Renaissance, the Balance. It is one of the animals that metamorphoses the most easily. It represents intuition, and brings the exaltation that accompanies rebirth and great fruitfulness. It helps to overcome periods of change and to follow the directions of our intuition.

Salmon develops Wisdom, Rejuvenation. He shows us that to find wisdom, we must take stock of our lives and consciously return to our origins, our childhood and perhaps beyond. He will rejuvenate us and give us inspiration provided our behaviors do not stand in the way of his gifts. It urges us to remain open and innocent, abandoning any attitude of stubbornness.

The Bee represents the Community, the Party. She invites us to celebrate happy events, or simply the mysterious and wonderful existence of life. She whispers to us that a harmonious life in community exists.

The Otter calls for Joy, Helpfulness. It invites us to become children again, to have fun and to accept the flow of life and experiences. With it, you can take the time to rest and forget about your daily worries.

The Cow connects to Food, to the Mother. It reveals to us the generosity, the nourishing and regenerating force that surrounds us. We find it everywhere: in our friends, our children, in our meals, our dreams and in nature.

The Horse signifies the Earth, the Journey. It brings energy and speed, and rules the complete cycle of existence: birth, death, life in the hereafter and rebirth.

The Wren represents Humility, Ingenuity. It tells us that beauty dwells in the little things and that self-realization does not pass through outward signs of wealth, nor demonstrations of force, but through humility, kindness and subtlety. Used with humor and accompanied by good intentions, ingenuity is a good way to accomplish great things. It saves effort by rationally and honestly employing the results obtained by others.

The Water Dragon symbolizes Passion, Depth. It brings to the surface all that lies beneath. Certain memories and desires, forgotten or repressed for a very long time in the unconscious, can seem to carry a negative and destructive force. If we agree to take them into account, they will serve to advance on the spiritual path and to maintain balance.

The Earth Dragon brings Power, Wealth. It confronts us with our own potential. He teaches us to use our talents and resources, and shows us the secrets of our heart. We will then more easily detect the strength and beauty that are hidden in the hearts of others.

The Air Dragon develops Inspiration, Vitality. The encounter between psyche, intellect and Air Dragon can strike like lightning. We must prepare it with care and wait for it with respect. It gives our minds insight and clarity, sometimes manifesting in our thoughts and imaginations as a sudden illumination.

The Dragon of Fire signifies Transformation, Mastery. It brings vitality, enthusiasm, courage and energy to face and overcome the obstacles and problems of daily life. Its power helps to master command and knowledge. It carefully feeds the inner fire, helps to channel it and use it with precision to accomplish the tasks and goals set.

The Seal represents Love, the Dilemma. It is the call of the sea, of the depths, of the unconscious. We fear this call because we fear drowning in the swirl of our feelings. Accept to follow your unconscious, your femininity, your dreams and your desires. They will transform your life, soothe it and fill it with love.