The Sek Buy

The Sek Buy is a ritual of cultural expression Nasa, where the people, the family, the community, come together to offer, thank, revitalize and cleanse the bad energies that have been collected during the Uma Kiwe's long journey on Father Sek (Sun).

sek buy


Sek Buy

On the territory of Cauca, the indigenous peoples of Nasa perform the ritual of " Sek buy ". It is one of the major rituals of the indigenous people which is celebrated in the month of June (Gregorian calendar) every year.

"Sek Buy", in Nasayuwe means; Sek: sun. Buy: reception of the sun's rays. Buucxa, birth. This ritual takes place between June 20 and 21, also defined as the Andean New Year. Sek Buy, like all rituals, is guided by ancient spiritual people: the Wala, who use different medicinal plants as a means of spiritual communication to harmonize the three spaces (cosmic, terrestrial and subterranean), in order to balance the energies of beings. of mother earth and all those who live there in accordance with the original law like Nasas and to ensure the Wët wët fxi'zenxi kwe'sx Kiwewete (Living in harmony in our territory).

During the month of June of this year, the Sek Buy ritual will take place in different territories of the Nasa people in gratitude to the life givers.

All the Nasa people are invited to participate in this ritual in order to strengthen the cultural practices and major rituals of the ancestral peoples of Cauca.

Wët wët fxi'zenxi kwe'sx Kiwete 

(Live in harmony on our territory)