The Words of Aradia

Lyrics of Aradia

Here are the words of Aradia: on Nature, on life, on death, on Love, on sexuality, on marriage, on the Gods, on the Goddess, on the God, on Tana and Tanus, on the Cult, on Liberty, on the Law of Return, on prophecies, on magic, on the elements, on the Grigori, on rebirth.

lyrics by Aradia

About Nature

Nature is a great teacher. Through Her, all things are revealed. It is the reflection of the high ways of the Spirit. The Creators established the Laws of Nature so that through them we can understand the divine laws. Observing all that nature is, all creatures, from the largest to the smallest. You will realize that all of them have a purpose, a reason for being. Do not be confused by the cruel appearance of natural laws, because there is a duality in all things.

Respect Nature in every way possible. Take from her only what you need, what is necessary and remember that nothing is acquired without giving back, it is the law of all Strega.

Know that the wind whispers the secrets of the Earth and the spirits of all living things. Nature teaches everyone what they need to know. She teaches birds to build their nests, animals to hunt, to survive, children to crawl and walk. She teaches life. It gives us knowledge and instinct, intuition. But it leaves us the choice to go our own way.

For some, this path even unfortunately to oppose Her, to try to control Her. But for a Strega, her religion is inseparable from Nature and her Laws. A Strega must live in harmony with the forces of Nature.

About life

We live on earth because we are not yet ready to become spirits. Originally, we are not physical beings, which is why life can seem difficult to us. It is not part of our thoughts to flout our bodies and earthly life, since we live on Earth.

On the contrary, we try to live in harmony with the world. But even if we get involved on Earth, we must not neglect the spiritual world, otherwise we will have to be reborn again to continue our learning. A Strega respects life and all living creatures. A life should not be taken away for no reason, it is too important.

The purpose of our physical life is to learn, to elevate our spirit by knowledge of the world below and to prepare it for its future existence for which it was created.

About death

Every beginning is the end of something that came before it. Each ending is also the beginning of what is to come. Coming and going are simply two sides of a journey. Death is simply a change of consciousness and form. She is not feared by the spirit, but by the personality of the one who dies.

Yet the realm of the dead is like that of the dream, in which we travel in our sleep and just as short. You have to know that the spirit always moves, and gains a higher stage and always towards the light. The shadows of death cannot keep us. As we die, we are purified by the elements, as we awaken in the ether. We then transport ourselves to the moon (rather to the lunar and astral realms) and await our return.

If Those who created all things saw in us the purity of light, then we will be forged by the sun and take on a new, divine form among the stars. If not, then we will still be born in the physical world.

About Love

Love is a gift, the blessing of the spirit. It is the emanation of the inner spirit. Love is the Great Accomplishment. To receive love when it is offered and to give it back, without caring. Yet don't let the duality of love cause you despair. For love uplifts the heart but can also bring it down. Accept love the way it comes to you. Don't own it, don't try to control it or train it. Because love is free and will come or go that way.

About sexuality

The sexual power of a man or a woman is the most powerful power that can be produced by the body. Christians teach that sexuality should be suppressed, and this has the effect of undermining one's personal power. Do not be confused by the duality of sexuality, because it can be physical or spiritual, or even both, it can be practiced alone, in pairs, or in many.

Share your sexuality with whoever you want, however you want, because all acts of love and pleasure are the rituals of the Goddess and God. It has been said that you should be free: so you will be free in body and mind. Don't be like Christians who teach shame and modesty, their morality is wrong. Blessed are the free people.

You have heard them say that homosexuality is a disease or that it is unhealthy, abnormal. On the contrary, what is unbalanced is to be only heterosexual, because we are, like all things, essentially masculine and feminine at the same time, since in us is the divine spark of the god and the goddess.

You have heard Christians condemn adultery by saying that the husband or the wife is the property of the other. Yet no one can plausibly dictate the will of others. Do not confuse love with sex, nor sex with love. Remember that the fun is everyone's, and that's okay. Therefore, do not harm anyone, nor force anyone to act according to your will.

About marriage

When a man and a woman (or a woman and a woman or a man and a man!) join their lives together through the ritual and love they share, then they are bound together, even in their next life. And even though they are together, each of them needs to be alone. Understand that even though you are bound, you are not attached, or captured by the other.

There will always be other people with whom you will want to share a certain closeness, whether physical or spiritual. That's how it should be. It doesn't mean that you don't like the other person or don't want them. Honor each other by being upfront and honest. Since you have joined your lives together, you are each other's sanctuary and comfort. Together you will be in all stages of life, all events, because you are first and foremost true friends.

You are together because you love each other and will stay together for that reason. Yet if that reason should be forgotten or fade, separation is something to consider, if that's what you need. Because you won't honor each other by staying together if you don't love each other anymore.

About the Gods

Know that the gods need to be worshiped, just as we need food and water to survive. Do not think that the gods serve us, because it is we who serve them. Therefore, do not try to negotiate or demand anything from them through prayer or ritual. The gods will themselves provide what they deem necessary.

Do not blame them for the dramas of life, like war and misery in the world, because only humanity is responsible. Do not doubt the reality of the gods, because they really exist and are many. They were there long before humans learned to walk and yet are no older. Because they are not people, and are not as we like to imagine them, by the images we establish, but they respond to us through them.

We are bound to them by virtue of our desire to elevate ourselves spiritually. The gods are attracted to our rituals because of the sacred signs and symbols we use, and because we worship them (which gives them vitality).

They are attracted by the ritual fires and by the incense, the purity of our naked bodies. Each god is different, there are things he prefers and others he hates, it's up to us to approach them according to his preferences. Each god is linked to the culture of the people who venerated him and for this reason one must give him the same name as this one gave him. Beyond all this there is the Goddess and the God, who together are one, through whom all are worshipped.

About the Goddess

The goddess is life force, since she is the fertility of all things. It is by his action that we are born, that the seeds grow from the earth to the sky to become trees, that all things develop. She repels God to create his desire for Her.

The Goddess is the joy of living. She is the passion to live. Compassion, love, kindness and kindness are the essence of his spirit. All women carry the Goddess within them, in various aspects and degrees. Yet there is a duality in all things and the Goddess can manifest in barrenness, vengeance and destruction. She is the soul of Nature. The Goddess rules the night and the moon is her symbol. All women are linked to the mysteries they carry.

It is the elusive quality that all women have within them, but will not necessarily know or experience. Men's desire for women is God's desire for the Goddess. It is the attraction or life force. The Goddess is known as Queen of Heaven. She is dressed in stars and wears a silver crown, adorned with a crescent moon. She is Mother Earth, dressed in green and whose breasts are wide and round like the high hills seen in the lush meadows. She is pregnant with the Child of Life, which she carries every year.

She is the Young Virgin, naked and beautiful. She is youth and lust. She is the enchantress and temptress. She is all women. The Goddess does not accept human or animal sacrifices, as they once did. She is the goddess of life and all living creatures. It therefore demands respect for all life. If you give offerings in his honor, whether with fruits, breads, cookies or even stones. The Goddess is the Queen of all Strega, whom She calls her Hidden Children.

We are at her service, we must not think that she is at ours. She gives us life and receives us in the Other World, after death. She teaches us the way of Nature and Spirit. She gives us power and magic. It reveals all mysteries and gives the night its light. And to the wise she reveals her sacred name.

About the God

The god is known as a demanding aspect of divinity. It is perceived as the force of death which transforms. He is the Lord of the Other World, the One who restores and rests the soul, which He prepares for a new life. This is performed during her union with the Goddess. Yet there is a duality in all things, and the god is also vitality and power. He is the Sun and the lord of light. He can give life or take it away.

As he ascends into the sky He animates all living things, but in his journey he descends and brings darkness and cold. The Shadow Realm is his, into which he brings all the souls of the deceased. The God is the desire to create. By his attraction to the Goddess, he is repelled from her to create. He is the lord of the Heavens, clothed in Sun and wears a rod of gold. He is the Lord of the Earth, the Great Horned, the Lord of the Other World, of Darkness, stern but fair.

Through him is order established and discipline mastered. He is the inner power of each individual. He is also the warrior and the destroyer. He is power and power. All men carry its essence. He is all men. There is a side of God that can be seen by those who desire to love him. It is his kindness, his compassion and his understanding. His kindness comes from his awareness of his power and strength. His compassion came from his vision of justice. The God is desire and sexual virility in all males. It is attraction, sensuality and sexuality.

He is the physical nature, just as the goddess is the spiritual nature. In death he is the one who comforts and renews. He is the great initiator and teacher. He rules the Otherworld and dispels the darkness with his presence. He is the one who illuminates and reveals all that is hidden. He disperses all falsehoods and establishes the truth.

About Tana and Tanus

Tana is the sacred name of the Goddess, She who is all the goddesses at once. On Earth she is known as Fana, in the heavens she is Diana (The moon) and in the universe she is Tana (which contains them all). Lakes, hills, fountains, and beaches are sacred to him, as are dogs, cats, and owls, night owls, willows, lemons, and apples. She is everything feminine. She is beauty and love.

She is the lover, the enchantress, the temptress, the divine mother, but above all she is free, loving, sexual, independent and powerful. Tama loves her followers with unparalleled passion. She never forgets or neglects her own. She is generous and protective of those who love her. Tanus and the Great God who is all gods. On Earth he is Faunus, in the heavens he is Janus (the Sun) and in the universe he is Tanus (it contains them all). T

All the mountains are sacred to him, as are the horses, the wolves, the woodpeckers and the crows, the oak, the dogwood, the laurel and the bean. Tanus is all that is masculine, it is power and will. He is the powerful fertility (shared with Tana) and desire behind all creation. Tana is the source for all creation. He is both the hunter and the provider, but at the same time the destroyer. But above all, he is affectionate, sexual, independent and powerful. Tanus loves his disciples with a demanding love.

He protects them and provides them with what they need, he is severe, but fair. He expects strict adherence to his laws and his way, but he is always fair. Faunus is the eternal child that we see through the representation of the god Pan. Yet the noble side of Faunus can be seen in the grace of a beautiful deer in the forest. We can see its spiritual nature in the flight of a falcon or in the playful play of young goats. Tana is the balance of Tanus and Tanus is the balance of Tana, they are a balance.

Without Tana, the God would be a judge without compassion, he would be severe without understanding and he would rule without loving. Without Tanus, the Goddess would have directionless compassion, groundless compassion, formless love. The God and the Goddess complement each other, together they are the Creator who maintains the Universe.

About the Cult

Remember and participate in all sacred gatherings, for there is a flow of power there that emanates from our being. On every full moon and on all days sacred to the Goddess. Honor the Sun and the Moon, because they are sacred symbols of the God and Goddess and of our commitment to them.

But do not worship these symbols, because they are only images. And you who are priests and priestesses, remember the times of union (and of the rite of union). All acts of reverence for nature and life are sacred rituals of worship, as are the rites of love and pleasures. Make time each day to worship the Goddess and God, and feast on the following days:

Day of Gatherings: La Festa dell Ombra, October 31, Winter Solstice, La Festa di Lupercus February 2, Vernal Equinox, Tana Day May 1, Summer Solstice, Cornucopia August 1 , and the autumnal equinox.

The 4 festivals: The Diana Festival on August 13, the Fana Festival on December 19, the Tana Festival on May 1 and the Jana Festival on January 1.

About Liberty

We have been made slaves. We are persecuted, hunted and murdered by the Christian Church. We are the outlaws. Because of this, we know the value of the word Freedom. Freedom is the essence of life. It allows the mind, soul and body to get rid of shame, guilt and restriction (which Christians teach).

The freedom to act as desired, harming no one, is the gift of freedom. The Old Religion frees us from the restrictions of society and the expectations of others. Therefore, you will be free. And as a sign of your freedom, you can be naked during your rites, and you will sing, dance and make love.

About The Law of Return

Any act you do projects itself three times into nature (thus affecting us on three levels: soul, mind and body). Such is the law. All debt must be paid. So consider your every action carefully. Nothing escapes the law. The law does not punish or reward anyone. But it returns the intention of each action to its origin.

The Law of Return is a natural law, good deeds or thoughts lead to others through it, just as bad deeds or thoughts lead to others. That's why you have to think before you act.

About the prophecies of Aradia (14th century)

Soon the time will come when our way of seeing things will no longer be seen as heresy in the eyes of the Church. But they will make our practices a diabolical affair, and they will seek to destroy us. So they will make people dependent on the priests and their Church. When the Pope returns and establishes his power again, you will know the first of all evils, for all the eyes and all the ears of all the Churches will be in your ways and will watch you.

They will set strict rules against us. And the great torments will come, they will hunt us openly and slaughter us. In their prisons, they will torture us and make us lie about our practices, forcing us to confess falsehoods, to believe in what they say.

This time will be very long, for the Church will grow in power. But their time of power will not last, for the age of the Son will pass away and the age of the Daughter will arrive in all its glory. When that age comes, sanity will be restored and the world will be complete. In order to announce the coming of the Daughter and to keep her memory on Earth, a prophet will arise. A prophet will be born among the people every two hundred years, so our way will not be forgotten. The prophet will prepare the way for She Who Will Establish Reason.

When that age comes, there will be an awakening in the consciousness of women and their wills will be affirmed. The laws will then change and women will walk in the way of men. And the followers of the Old Religion will receive a sign, so that the last of the laws which persecutes us will disappear.

This same year, my prophet will be born and will prepare the way for the One who will come. This prophet will teach the Old Religion and many will call him the Silent Prophet. When the Age of the Daughter replaces the Age of the Son, then the Daughter will appear and establish her power.

She will then be 36 years old. Changes will occur on earth such as have never been seen. There will be an upheaval, then a renewal. From the ashes will rise the new world of reason. People will no longer be manipulated by governments.

No one will oppress another. There will be no rulers, only teachers and advisers. No one will try to manipulate others or command them. The world will become one and all will live under the rays of love, peace and reason.

About Magic

There is a force that dwells in everything, which is called Numen. The power of an object is the power of its Numen. This essence has its own consciousness. If you are attuned to the old way, you will be able to summon the desired Numens, and they will assist you. But that's only one aspect of magic.

Know that all things of the same nature (or same essence) are linked like the links of a chain. Through one you can influence another. With this law, we use clay dolls.

The substance of magick is ordered and best directed through the use of rituals. The ritual attracts the desired effects, the power, and through repetition the latter is accumulated. So we use secret signs, symbols and gestures of power. Repetition is necessary. As Strega, we attract the power of the moon as well as that of nature. The God and Goddess watch over our works, as do the Grigori.

When our magic does not produce the desired effects, it is because a greater force is resisting the ritual. This is often a sign that the nature of the magic was inaccurate. It may be another wizard or witch acting against you. You will then have to identify this person and settle your differences with them. You must always work in harmony with the phases of the moon and under the blessing of the god and goddess, according to the laws of the Old Religion.

The moon symbolizes hidden things then revealed in the dark. Night is the side of life that is unknown. The knowledge that is obtained by learning the Old Religion is neither good nor bad, for it depends on how you use it. The art of magick is to blend our personal inner power with the power of the gods and nature.

About Elements

There are vaporous, subtle and invisible qualities to each thing that we call the physical elements. The Ancients taught us that in all creation there were these four elements which are: earth, air, fire and water. And they are governed by the spirit. Each of these elements has a double in the ether.

It is this essence that gives the physical element its vitality, its fertility. Just as the physical realms of matter contain their own life forms, so do the realms of other dimensions. These entities were personified by several spirits and creatures found in the myths and legends. It is their activity that creates and maintains the vital essence in all matter. The etheric powers of the elements give potential power to spells and magical workings.

It is through these realms that magic can travel. This is why the spirits of the elements are called upon to assist us in magic.

About the Grigori

Before mankind existed, on Earth existed beings called Grigori. Some call them Spirits or Gods. Others have spoken of them as Forces or Powers. The old legends say that the Grigori were once physical beings, but are no longer physical beings, now residing in the stars. There are the Guardians of the Worlds and the Entrances and Exits of the Realms.

It was once said that the stars were the campfires of their armies, always watching over us. The Grigori have established their watchtowers at the four cardinal points, between the worlds. They have already been called the powers of the air and have immediately been associated with the winds. They were then known by the Latin names of Boreas, Eurus, Notus and Zephyrus, while their ancient names were Tago, Alpena, Settrano and Meana.

These Elders come to our rituals to assist us, because we have a commitment to them. So they watch over us and we work magic and come to our aid. They also escort us through the other Realms when we step out of the physical world.

About Rebirth

The human body is not immortal and will decay after the death experience. But the soul is not mortal, and cannot be destroyed. After the death of the body, the soul is still connected to its physical form, for a period of about three days. Then, it detaches from it, but roams the Earth for about 7 days. After this time, the soul will be escorted to Luna's realm and prepared there for rebirth.

The Strega obviously desire to be reborn among the loved ones she has known in her past lives. The ancient teachings tell us that the soul enters a cycle of seven lives through which it strives to be complete. Each cycle is followed by another, until the soul is complete and physical life is no longer necessary. The memory of a past life is often hidden by the present consciousness.

But that memory can be revived if you so desire, for it is your soul that remembers all of its lifetimes. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, as both are just a different lesson, and you could have been both several times during the cycle. The Law of Return governs the life experience and condition of each rebirth. Once the death experience is over, the soul is ready to be reborn.