The Kakheti Sea

The Kakheti Sea

Previously, the scenic region of Kakheti was covered with water, because the sea of Kakheti was present in the region. The inhabitants lived in the heights of the mountain, but even there, the height of the water posed a problem for them. The water rose higher and higher destroying pastures and arable land.

Life became more difficult every day for the inhabitants, and they understood that if it continued like this, the water would cover the tops of the mountains causing the death of all. One day, the inhabitants organized a meeting during which they started to cry and lamented this so difficult situation. Suddenly, a local miner said, “I work high in the mountains and from the height, I see that the water is rising and does not stop.

It moves and looks for a way out and we have to find a solution, a way, that is to say, to make a drainage and to dig a channel”. Residents reacted to his words and said they had had this idea before but no one seemed to find the right place for the drainage. The miner continues his speech: “You have to make a big basket, fill it with coal and throw it in the water. The flow will carry the basket and where the basket stops, we will have to do the drainage and the water will naturally find a way out”. The inhabitants accepted this idea and together made a large basket filled with coal and threw it into the water.

The water carried the basket and took it to where the main current of the Alazani River passes. At this point, the Sighnaghi ridge merges with the Nukhi Mountains. All the people gathered and worked to open a way to the sea. Since then, the beautiful region of Kakheti appeared and the life of Georgians finally began to flourish.

the sea of Kakheti