Antumia is also called Antomía. Closely associated with water, it can be feminine or masculine. It's a I have evil (essence, spirit), which comes out of the water and takes men to drown and/or eat them. THE Jaibanas (shamans) are never eaten; being under their orders, they only eat the tips of the fingers, the nose, the lobe of the ears, the lips and the mouth.




He lives under water, only the jaibaná sees him, sometimes his voice is heard at night, with a sound similar to the cry of the duck. His alleged closeness causes panic among the people. They are often the guardians of the jaibaná and leave the river under their protection or if the jaibaná orders them to harm a person.

It may look like a large snake, a mountain pig, or a black, hairy, lazy-faced man.

They are very feared by the Emberás; in the mountains of Antioquia, the Indians prank children by imposing their voices and repeating " antomía-paimá, antomía-paimá”, which means " black devil ", suggesting an association of the color black with negative forces.