Sagra del Redentore

The Festival of the Redeemer, Sagra del Redentore, in Nuoro is a celebration in honor of the Savior of very strong symbolic value for the inhabitants of Nuoro but also for all Sardinians. The event is rich in folklore, artistic, literary, crafts and traditional music events. Every year, this festival attracts a large number of tourists.

Sagra del Redentore or Festival of the Redeemer

Sagra del Redentore or Festival of the Redeemer

The origins of the celebration date back to 1901, when Pope Leone XIII, on the occasion of the Jubilee of 1900, wanted to place 19 statues of the redeemer in the Italian mountains. One of these was Mount Ortobene in Nuoro, which was blessed after the statue was built by sculptor Vincenzo Jerace. The population collected funds for the construction of the statue which later became a religious tribute, but also civil and social.

The festival takes place on the last Sunday of August, which marks the date of the installation of the statue, and includes the parade of music and songs by folk groups in traditional costumes and masks from all over the country. Sardinia. Other activities during the festival are exhibitions and demonstrations of artistic crafts, art and literature, but also shows and traditional music and dance workshops that are very popular with visitors.

The big parade

The solemn parade of the Sagra del Redentore has around 3000 participants, including 100 women in traditional costume and 300 horsemen. The folklore groups that come from all over Sardinia parade in traditional costumes and masks, offering visitors a show full of colour, elegance and beauty.

The long procession departs from the center of Nuoro early in the morning and slowly heads towards the highest point of Mount Ortobene accompanied by liturgical chants and a crowd numbering in the thousands.

The event is deeply felt by all citizens and visitors in a very deep spiritual atmosphere. Once the procession arrives at the feet of the statue of the redeemer, masses and rites in accordance with tradition are celebrated.

The day then continues with other demonstrations throughout the city away from the statue in the sacred and inviolable respect of the site.