Laughs best who laughs last

The tales of Pensé contain the following tales: He who laughs last laughs best, Tale of love, The golden jar, The princess of the waters, The good of others, The hat that makes you invisible, The tale of man rich, The king and the barber, The man and the devil, The shirt adorned with diamonds, Aslanzate and Zanpolate, The girl in the chest, Brother lamb, Fear, The domestic lare, Talou Orlan, Topal, The revealing kite, The hunter Ahmad, The dervish and the girls, The daughter of the king of China, Pomegranate, Nerso

Laughs best who laughs last

Laughs best who laughs last

I do not know which king of the East left all his belongings behind and spent his time sitting under the windows of the palace watching the people passing by.

One day, he sees a misshapen woman arrive, he can't help but burst out laughing.

 »Ah ah! I have never seen such a naughty woman, she looks like the devil in person! " 

The poor woman hears it but does not react, she continues on her way.

A day passes, a week, a month. The king, still seated under his window, sees this woman every day, and each time, he raises his voice, he makes fun of her. Finally, the woman loses patience, she walks under the window and says:

 »Laugh, laugh! We'll see who laughs last !

Then she goes her way.

Know that this woman was a magician who had the power to transform herself at will, sometimes into an angel, sometimes into a devil, whatever else, in a thousand appearances. She could also turn the villain into a lovable and the lovable into a villain, the fool into a sage and the wise into a fool. You will see how this woman is going to get the king over his bad habit of making fun of her harder and harder every time he sees her.

She changes her appearance, she becomes a pretty lady, she is going to find the king's wife.

 O queen, she said, I am from here, my husband is dead, I have a lot of children, won't you accept me as a servant? I would come early in the morning, I would do all your work, in the evening I would go home to take care of my children. " 

 " Why not ? said the queen. Precisely, I needed a maid. You look like a very respectable lady. Come on, come and give me a bath, you will comb me, you will delous me, it is my eighth day today. " 

Here they are. The queen takes a good bath, she comes out of the water. No sooner has the maid touched her hair with the comb than the queen turns into a misshapen person, even the devil would be afraid of her. She sees herself in the mirror and exclaims furiously:

 O king, o king, come quickly!

The woman immediately disappears. The king arrives, he sees that his wife's nose has lengthened, her hair has become a red mop, her face the color of ashes in the hearth; in short, she is more dreadful than the ugly woman.

 »Woman, what happened to you? Asks the king.

The queen replies:

 A pretty lady came, she asked me to take her as a servant, she took me to the bath, and she barely touched me when I became deformed. Quick, find me a way ... " 

 What can I do, woman? " 

 »Find this woman! " 

The king is embarrassed. How to find this woman in the city? Who is she ?

Let's leave them there and go find the witch.

Back home, the witch transforms. She becomes again the misshapen woman she was. She feels remorse. She returns to the castle, she wants to enter, the guards won't let her pass.

 Go away, horror, we don't need you here. They shout, they hit her, this uproar makes the king come.

 What is it, children? " 

The guards show the woman.

The king, who was foolish, suddenly becomes wise. He said: “Let her in! " 

The king takes the old woman away, he sits on his throne, she stands before him;

 " What do you want ? Said the king.

 King, she said, I'm the woman you laughed at every day. Now do you see what's happening to you? If you want to know, it was I who made your wife ugly, are you still laughing? " 

 »Ah woman! beg the king, give me your chance, turn my wife back to how she was before, I'll give you a bag of gold! " 

The woman laughs.

 " Why are you laughing ? Asks the king.

Well ! it's my turn to laugh. Listen carefully to what I'm telling you, king: you laughed at me, you took me for a fool, what you did to others happens to you. I don't pity you, but I pity your wife. Call her, and let her be the pretty queen she was again.

As for you, try to become reasonable, and don't make fun of people anymore! " 

The ugly queen becomes the pretty queen again, the king wants to say something, but the woman disappears and it is said that, from this day, the king does not make fun of anyone.