The king and the barber

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The king and the barber

The king and the barber

A king decides one day to disguise himself and mingle with the people.

He walks past a barber's shop. The barber was alone, standing in the shop.

Barber,said the king, do you want to shave me? I only have a penny.

Come in, said the barber, you can see that I don't have a client, a penny is a penny.

He sits the king down, soaps him, takes his razor, begins to shave it.

One of his rich clients comes in.

Fellow, said the barber, go sit in this corner while waiting for me to shave the agha, i will finish your shave afterwards.

The king, his face half covered in moss, sits in a corner until the agha is shaved.

Then it's his turn.

When he opens his satchel to pay the barber, he recognizes the king's insignia. He prostrates himself before him, he touches the ground with his forehead.

The king said:

Get up, barber. I understood that the poor-looking man is not the object of any attention or consideration, even if he is a king.