Awá Guajá song

The Awa Guaja Song is a traditional song of the Awa Kwaiker.

Awa Guaja Song

Awa Guaja Song

They belong to the forest

The forest belongs to them

Like a mother

Like a sister

Like pure happiness

Each morning.

It's not paradise

It's the forest

With its perfume its sounds its noises

Its dangers too

His insecurity which is security

The one they chose

The one that suits them.

The forest is their home

Their air is pure and without it their heart

Is a dead leaf


They don't want it from society

They know her

The elders told them

The so-called benefits

From this company

See how they still flee

Collectors, rubber bosses

Traffickers and breeders.

They are free


Still free


Let them be left in peace

Let them be

Surrounded by their mother forest

Humus at the foot

And dreams in your eyes.

Let them be free

Let us thank their Guajajara family

Who cares

Who campaigns, mobilizes

To save them


The last free beings

In the world.

They belong to the forest

Like a first being born

In the hollow of a leaf


Like the smile

Of a mother.

Carole Radureau (09/28/2019)