The origin of the Awá Kwaiker peoples

the myth of the Origin of the Awa Kwaiker Peoples that follows is taken from the Xexus Ventana Cultural web page, and is collected by Jaime Miguel Silva. etnoeducador Awá. The origin of the Awa Kwaiker peoples is the following story.

origin of the Awa Kwaiker peoples

The myth of the origin of the Awa Kwaiker peoples

The elders say that in ancient times there were no people, only trees covered with barbacha, there was a big tree that had enough barbacha black, this was growing with the water until it grew and came to land, gradually becoming Inkal Awa

The trees of the time communicated with each other, today they also communicate so as not to be cut with a machete or an ax, because they are people and bleed like the Tangare, the Sangrario, the Chino, Mancha-Ropa, rubber, Dagro's blood among others.
In reality, the Awá man comes from the selva and belongs to it, and he returns there.

The trees of the mountain want to be transformed into big trees and eventually grow into giant trees and bear fruit, to serve the Awá man.

The first man had a long nose and he was a tall man. God therefore did not want this man to be alone and made the woman appear from a barbacha whiter, ashampa watsal.

And then God asked the woman if she wanted to live with him and she said yes just as the man said yes. So they both lived together.

At the same time, they had a son accompanying them, and as he grew up, his parents taught him all the work they did.
Then, one dark night, a girl was born. The two children procreated the earth and populated it.

God's world
The world of the dead
The Awa world
The world below

The ancient Awa tell how trees and birds came out and talked to each other about their species. Trees and birds also spoke to people.

When a woman was pregnant and the birth of the new being approached, the trees worried and talked among themselves about the child to be born.

The birds also came out to talk among themselves about the new Awa that the woman was about to give birth to.

The trees wanted the new being to be born to be a girl because she wouldn't kill them, because the woman usually doesn't cut down the trees and destroy the selva

The birds, on the other hand, wanted the female to give birth to a male because he fed them, as males tend to chop down trees and sow, and that way there were places to go and eat.

Thus, when a boy was born, the birds were happy while the trees were crying, while when a girl was born, the trees were happy and the birds sad.

This was the origin myth of the Awa Kwaiker peoples.